Financial Assistance for Omnipod Pods

My husband will be retiring within the next month and I was wondering where I could get financial assistance for my Omnipod Pods. I was getting them through Edgepark but they took almost a month to get me my 90-day supply and I ran out of them and had to go back to using syringes until I received my order. I looked on Omnipod's website and they don't provide financial assistance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Could you share a few more details?

  • Do you currently have insurance coverage for Omnipod?
  • Are you losing this insurance?
  • Are you planning to simply be uninsured?

With the PPACA, you can not be denied insurance coverage because of diabetes. Financial assistance takes the form of premium and deductible subsidies -- the pods would simply be covered as an insured item.

This is the route to getting pumps and supplies with financial assistance. I doubt very much there is any program (with significant cost relief) to subsidize pumps/supplies directly, except for the very poor, and of course, in third world countries.

Details that Dave asked for would be helpful.

If all else fails, I would call Omnipod CS as ask them if they can help you or at least put you on a payment plan.

Edgepark and Insulet both went back to shipping by fed ex in the last 45 days. Big improvement in services.

I’m currently insured through my husband’s employer. When he retires,I will be losing his insurance and I do not plan on being uninsured. I’ve looking into different health plans but most of them don’t cover pods.

I currently have insurance through my husband’s work but he will be retiring the end of August. So, yes, I will be losing my insurance. No, I’m not planning to be uninsured because of cost of medications and diabetic supplies and insulin.

Depends on the DME. My ACA plan is pretty good all around, but pumps are 50 percent covered and supplies as well. I dont use pods,but my share of an Animas is $2200.