Leaving OmniPod Need advise

I'm turning 65, Medicare doesn't cover OmniPod, I can't afford to pay for the Pods. What problems have been experienced when returning to injections. I'm sure my AIC will be crazy high.Just wondering if anyone has advise. Thanks.

That's truly unfortunate. Have you talked to Omnipod to see if they have any special discounts for people in your situation. I notice a lot of the big drug companies offer such deals. Maybe they can make it affordable for you.

I'll be 65 in two years and I have the same concerns. I'll never be able to afford OmniPod without covered insurance. I guess everyone who reaches 65 has to go back on the needle. Doesn't make sense.

I was off the pod for 10 days or so and found that missing the extended bolus feature, I was giving myself A LOT of shots. You might want to split up your basal insulin also. You can use a lot of sites, that's one good thing, as opposed to the few areas that work for placing pods. You have to do all your own calculating and keep track of what you have dosed, when. Maybe you could go without the pod every once in a while, stockpiling and saving some for harder to manage times. I found it was easier to deal when I was at home.
In the meantime, let's hope that Medicare comes around or Insulet is willing to help. Good luck to you.

I have the same concerns! I've got 5 years. I can only hope that something will change for the better but when a lot of normal insurances refuse to cover the pod I have no hope that Medicare ever will, at least not while I need it. I was under the impression that Medicare will cover a normal tubed pump? Am I wrong? I thought if I had to I would move to a tubed pump although the thought turns my stomach! With the baby boomers all reaching retirement, seems like Omnipod could potentially lose a lot of customers. Wish there was someone to write to to get this darn thing covered!!

I guess the alternative is to use one of the tubed pumps. At least you one can manage the A1c% better with that than with MDI.

That will be a fun club. All of us past podders switching over to shots or tubes, whining......

Don't most Medicare users have a secondary policy as well, or only the lucky. Maybe they don't cover either?

Another thought I had Suz, was that you are going to need to test a lot, trying to maintain your numbers. How is medicare on test strips?

I'd check into a tubed pump first.

I am currently getting my pods from a durable medical equipment supplier. When I talked to them about my problem they said they could lower the cost from 3,000 to 1,000. That's a bit steep for my finances. I never thought of calling OmniPod itself. I will give that a try. Thank you for your suggestion.

My pharmacy says that there are pumps (all using tubing) that are covered by medicare. I don't want to be tied up to tubing. That's the reason I have been on OmniPod. So, for now I guess i will have to go back to the needle. Thanks...hope something changes befor U turn 65. In the meantime, emjoy all the benefits of OmniPod.

I agree the basal calculations and temp basal features will be hard to reproduce. I don't know what can be done. I will feel like a newbee...except I will know what I could be doing if I had a pod. Hey...Maybe I could do advertisements for OmniPod. I forgot the dreaded shots. Thanks.

My pharmacist said there are tubed pumps that medicre will cover...they wouldn't give me the name. I just refuse to be tied down to tubing. Also, I swim, and use a hot tub to relieve back pain from surgery.. I can sit in the hot tub when the pod is on my arms which I leave above the hot water.The problem is with the designation and # medicare gave the omni pod. I had hopes that their new pod would meet medicare reqirements. The new pod doesn't sound like they have improved anything. Sure hope my info is wrong. We all need to write medicare. Thanks for your reply.

I refuse to use the tubed pumps, mostly as I mentioned earlier, I swim and use a hot tub to relieve pain from several back surgeries. You can't swim or sit in hot tub with other pumps.Thank you for the reply.

I guess we will have to start a group for Past OmniPod Users.The number of members will be growing pretty fast ha.
I have a supplimental insurance company, a F Policy. They said they would cover the pod if it was approved by medicare, but we all know the answer there. Infact they said if I used another pump hey would cover it.
I understand there are test strips that are covered by medicare with NO charge, and some that aren't covered at all. I haven't tried to order any yet. I'll sound off with info about that when I get it.

Thanks for your reply to my poat.

Actually you can disconnect.. Its not that difficult.. might want to give yourself half your basal before you disconnect, then give remainder when your done. Don't prebolus unless im disconnecting for more than an hour or 2.. Animas, Medtronic, Roche, and even Tandem I believe are covered by Medicare, heres the catch.. Been told it gets a lot more difficult to go back on a pump, if you go off it with medicare.. But if you are on a pump and change pumps (even from the omnipod), the process is a lot easier.. Still have to do a glucose log and a C peptide however. Its not ideal, but it can be a stopgap till MC gets its head out of backside.. Situations worse for CGMS

well have been talking with my doctor,i have been on omnipod almost two years i have awhile until 65 but even with my insurance the pump is expensive and my a1c has not been great at all i did better in shots,i do have to say i would not go to tubing pumps either like the omnipod also.

i also have to leave omnipod, not for the same reason tho. I had carpal tunnel surgery done on both hands and cant push the buttons on the pdm. i am also having problems with removing the plastic piece from the pods. it will take several months to heal and since i dont always have people around to push the buttons to bolus i have to skip meals to keep my sugar low for the day. when will they realize not everyone can push those buttons.
I will be going back to a tubed pump cause i dont want to do MDI again.

Have you asked your doctor to put up a fight for you to continue with the Omnipod, some doctors will when you have used a specific pump for a long period of time and it is working. since not all pumps work the same. good luck.

Did you ever contact Insulet? I am very curious to hear if they are working on the Medicare issue.

I hate the buttons on the PDM too! Hand issues are a high occurance problem for Diabetics, and Insulet seems to have missed the boat on that. Heck, even BD a few years back changed the insulin pen needle packaging to be a pain in the rear for handling by making the inner caps to dang small it was impossible for some to pick them up off the table! When are these medical companies going to REALLY wake up and start treating the WHOLE patient and not just the part they care about!!!!

Whew, glad to get that off my chest :)