Finding a good doctor, Joslins?

I’m heading back for the states on Sunday and I’ll be looking for a new endo in a while. Any advice on finding a good one? I want to find somebody who’s on board with the low carb, low insulin, tight control thing.

There happens to be a Joslin’s center five minutes away from my house. Anyone have experience working with Joslin’s? I’m concerned that I’ll end up with a doctor who won’t be on the same page as me, and won’t end up helping me all that much. I’ve seen many people online frustrated with their doctors.


i’m not sure where you are, but i went to joslin in syracuse for a couple of years i can at least share that experience with you. over all i found them to be by far more about research and theory than application. my doctor was nice as anyone but i never got very far with actual progress in my health and it was one of the peroids in my life that i ended up in the hospital the most (and wo of those time i ended up with pancreatitis).

in general though, finding you ideal doctor (or the one you really, really needed) is just like searching for any other relationship. you have to keep looking until you find the right one. and sometimes you have to give them some time before you decide. i’ve done really well with my current doctor and i don’t believe either of us was very fond of the other when i first came to see him. he saw me as someone who didn’t give a rat’s bum about what happened to me and i saw him as a guy with a stick up his rear and a perpetual frown on his face. but i worked with him and followed his advise and now he actually smiles when i come in for my visits because my health has been improving every time. it’s been nearly a year since i’ve been in the hospital, i’m on the pump, and from my first visit to now my A1C has gone done from the double digits to an 8.5, which i haven’t seen in years.

it’s basically a pain to find a doctor but completely worth it when you get a great one.

I live in New York City and go to Joslin in Boston (with their taking my insurance, the airfare and cabfare is cheaper than my endo in NYC was). I recently switched to Joslin because I was not happy with my care in NYC. Joslin has been good so far, many good ideas and coordination among the endo, dietician, pump/nurse educator and sports physiologist. I would contact Joslin and talk to the appointment coordinator about who might be best for you, and then go see that person. If you do not feel the fit is right, either try someone else there or look elsewhere. As Bek says, choosing a doctor is a very personal decision. You have to feel comfortable with the person. Good luck!!

I go to Joslin in Boston and love it. It’s actually really close to where I live so it’s a matter of convenience as well. I think its great at how coordinated everyone is. Having the nutritionist next to the exercise physiologist next to the lab ensures that everyone is on the same page. They always have someone with a wide range of knowledge (everyone is at least minimally trained on using a pump) on call, (even July 4 weekend).
They are really into research as well. Some people are turned off by that, but I’ve participated 2 studies so far. I’m willing to be a small guinea pig to advance the cause.

Hello, finding the right doctor is so important. I was with the same doctor for 15 years but had to switch recently because I was being seen at a Children’s hospital and I’m 24 now. My advice is to really take into account the “vibe” and “energy” that the new doctor gives you. The one I saw first was very stern and didnt seem to really care about what I had to say about my diabetes managerment. He was supportive to my suggestions and didnt try to understand the place I had come from in my diabetes management. Be sure to find a doctor who will see their relationship with you as a partnership. Someone who will give you their adivice but let you be the one to make the final decision. Good luck! :slight_smile: