Syracuse, NY - Good endocrinologists?

I’m looking to change endocrinologists after some problems with my current one. I live in the Syracuse area and was curious how to weed through them all and see if anyone from this area could offer an opinion on who they like.


Hi, neighbor! :slight_smile:

I moved to the area more than five years ago now and from my research at the time, thought that any endo at Joslin would be a great choice. Unfortunately the location was rather inconvenient for me, so instead I ended up becoming a patient of Dr. David DiCesar’s whose office is by Syracuse University. My whole family goes to him for various endocrinological issues.

He is a good doctor with very good interpersonal skills, but then again I and my T1D require fairly little substantive input from an endo. First, my condition seems quite stable for now and I had a great team (endo, CDE, diabetes nurse, Medtronic rep, and was part of a clinical study for 2+ years with lots of education) at the place where I used to live before and learned a whole lot + continue to read up on my own about the condition, new research and new technologies. So my expectations are fairly minimal at the moment and I see him purely for maintenance.

You’re the only person who can tell what your needs are, especially as informed by your disappointment with your current doctor. What issue are you having with them?

Good luck!

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Thank you!