First bike ride since diagnosis!

My husband lugged out the compressor to fill a low tire on my Subaru and so I asked him to fill my bike tires, too. The weather was pleasant–mid-50s, very light breeze–and beckoned me to go out on my bike! I bolused for fewer carbs than I ate, waited about an hour or so after eating, checked my blood sugar when I was ready to go (140 so I ate a few more carbs), and set my phone timer for 30 minutes. I put water, quick carbs, and my test kit in my bike bag…and headed out into the wide world. I just tooled around my neighborhood (no hills) at an easy pace and had some fun! I waved at neighbors, admired Hallowe’en decorations and fall colors, listened to the birds, and simply enjoyed the feeling of cruising around on my bike. I also listened in to my body for any symptoms of going low. When the timer went off I was nearly home. I hopped off and checked my blood sugar–110!! Nice!! I stowed my bike and stuff, had a cup of tea, and checked my BG again in an hour–143. So I maybe had a few too many carbs but not enough to be worrisome. I had a bit of a delayed low after dinner but that was easy to deal with. So now I am looking forward to my next neighborhood ride…and even moreso to the CGM that’s in the works. :smile_cat:


and now you can top it off my doing a Big Blue Test!

sounds delightful!


Excellent! I love cycling, and as you’ve discovered, bg’s can be unpredictable during and after; there are lots of comments about that in the conversations here. Still, the benefits are huge and you are on the right track!

Thanks for your encouragement, @MarieB and @truenorth. I feel like I have finaly decided to take my life back!

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I think daily exercise is the magic ingredient to better diabetes numbers. I notice if I skip more than one day, it’ll show up in higher numbers.

Cycling is a great sport. Maybe you’ll develop a new habit!


We have resumed biking so much lately that I’ve outtitted our bikes with some super bright lights both front a back so that we can ride in the dark. We had lights ages ago, but they were so outdated (large batteries and halogen lights). Now we have the latest LED lights and wow, what a difference. We alternate between hiking and biking. Gotta love those endorphin! :slight_smile:

I slow my pump way down for both activities so that I don’t get serious lows. Just a few minor ones that are easy to treat. I usually slow the pump down about 90 minutes prior to starting, to about 50% and during the activity I monitor the sensor readings. If they concern me, I shut the pump off for a while. Usually works better than forgetting to attend to the pump settings like I used to! :slight_smile:

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nothng bests bicycling. I am thrilled to report that so far I have completed 700 miles on my bike this summer. Yes 700 is not much for most m but it is a bunch for me. I love riding bicycles.



Woo Hoo! Good for you!

Yes indeedy, bike riding is great! We love it as well and hope to hear more riding stories from you.


Awesome, @Rphil2!

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Brava, @CatLady06 …This is wonderful. I’m so happy for you. I always think the only way to sustain the exercise we need to do, is to keep experimenting until we find a way of exercising that we really, really enjoy!..Have fun!..Judith

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It is amazing how exercise effects the blood glucose. I find that after an hour of hard running it becomes more drastic and I am forced to take in huge amounts of carbs. In the last 30 min I decrease the carb intake. 30min after completion again a small amount of carbs and then it seems to level out. There is a huge difference in the type of training as well. Running uses more than a third more carbs that the Mountain Bike doing trail.

Good for you. i love when i go out on my bike.