First date as a diabetic

So as if first dates aren’t bad enough this was my first first date as a diabetic. I was getting ready over at my friends place and I was asking them if they thought I should tell him right away or if I should not tell him and give myself insulin in the bathroom or what. My friend Grant was like, “Who cares, it’s not a big deal just tell him. For all you know he’ll just end up being diabetic too and you can talk about your blood sugars, ha ha.” So yea, get out on the date and then he starts asking about the Air Force and what I do and of course everything with the Air Force and me comes back to my diabetes, so I just ended up telling him. And Grant must be psychic because he was like, “Wait, you have diabetes?! Me too! I’m so glad you said something first.” And we laughed, he was a really nice guy, I don’t know if we’re compatible in the dating sense but I’m sure we’ll be friends. I was just nice to meet someone else who has it instead of the same old, “Oh yea my friend/sibling/cousin/grandparent has that.” So I just thought I should post about that.

i usually don’t come out and say it when meeting people, but i also don’t try to hide it - i wear my insulin pump on my waistband, my CGM sensor is often within view on my arm, and i have no qualms with checking my blood sugar in plain view or at the dinner table. people have gotten mad at me for doing that, telling me it’s “gross”, but i am usually able to explain that it’s something that i have to do, it’s become a part of my life over the past 5 years, something i can’t change, and i won’t try to hide it - i refuse to be embarrassed about something that is beyond my control. (Also, i’m a 20-something guy, and i can get away with this kind of stuff)

wow that’s an awsome story!

Wow :slight_smile: What are the chances :slight_smile:

Ahhh same to that, what are the chances =) Hope you had a good time!

awww that’s so cute!!!

That is cute… I started a new job about 6 months ago and didn’t volunteer info about my diabetes…There are only 4 of us in the dept I work in and I kept seeing test strips in the trash… turns out my office mate is T1 so everyone is understanding when I need a day of for Dr. appts.

awe cool you two can share battle stories of the D.

awesome. I went to buy a bra the other day with the sole purpose of hiding my pump in it for special occasions. Usually I wear it on my waist. when I got to victoria’s secret the person who was helping me didn’t even blink when I told her I was diabetic and needed a bra for my pump- she then informed me that one of the other girls that works there has a boyfriend who wears a pump. LOL!
I have to admit, I was both surprised and delighted.

On my first date with my now fiance (over 3 years ago), I whipped out my pump to take some insulin during lunch. He looked quizzically at me and I explained that no, I was not an '80s drug dealer with a pager, but I had T1 diabetes and it was my insulin pump. I have had T1 for 23 years now so I never hide it. Well, it obviously didn’t scare him away because we are now getting married in November!

I had been hanging out with a group of friends a bit when one day this guy asked me if “my drug dealer was paging me”. I told him that it was an insulin pump very smartly. About two years later we were married. You never know. That was cool that you met another diabetic. Good luck with the dating.

Great story - thanks for sharing!