First Day on Pump!

Hi Everyone, Unsure if anyone remembers but around 3 months ago i wrote on here with the discussion title of Bottled it. I was in quite a dark place with my unexplained high and low blood sugars and that i had option of trying out pump but backed down on day when with my healthcare advisor. Today i have made the leap and have started on the animas 20/20 so am pleased at least am giving it a chance after hearing all the positives comments (and the odd negative) on here. There seems so much to take in and learn and the attached issue is concerning me tonite. Being reliant on a machine feels like handing over a lot of control but am assuming this will go in time. Would also like to know from other pump users favoured sites for attachment as my preferred stomach and sides have been well used over the years. Also what would you aim for for bedtime b/g levels?, i am so used to going to bed with levels around 12 mmol (uk) and allowing lantus to level out during night. Thanks to everyone on here who has taken time to help me get this far, Chris

Hi Chris! Glad that you decided to give the pump a go!

I liked to use my upper thighs and upper buttocks for sites (though my doctor got me to switch to my stomach now because I over used those).

Once I got all the settings right on my pump, I could go to bed between 4-7mmol/L and wake up between 4-7 mmol/L… it’s really amazing! You do not need to go to bed so high (12 mmol/L=216 mg/dl)
But as you will still need some time to get your settings right, it might be better to be slightly on the higher end before bed (like 8-9 mmol/L).

Keep us posted on how it’s going!!

Congrats! I don’t have any advice yet, as I’m still waiting to schedule my pump training. I just received my Animas Ping and I am a weird mixture of nervous and excited! Keep us updated on how it goes.

Hi Chris,
I have no advice to give about the pump. But i will be watchng your progress and hope you will keep us updated. I had sympathized with you when you walked away. I was and still am on MDI’s The difference now is that my paperwork has gone in for my pump and I am waiting for the answer and then to get my pump. I am hoping like you that this will just be another form of ME controllng my diabetes. It was hard for me to say yes to a pump, but now am a little anxious and plenty excited. I really wish you well and do hope you will keep coming back to let us know how things are going. My best to you.

I fall during the night, starting around 3am, so I try to go to bed at around 120 mg/dL (6-7mmol).

I used only my lower abdomen for 8 years but now really like using my outer thighs. I have had a lot of success with upper buttocks (can’t feel it there most of the time), but I got a BAD bruise there about a week ago, so I’m avoiding it for now.

I wish you the best of luck in your new experience!

Congrat’s! I hope you enjoy pumping as much as I do. I actually love my Pod on my thighs, out of site out of mind:) Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Good for you for giving it a try! I’ve pumped for many years. I can’t even tell that the pump is there. I usually have to look for it. Carb counting is so automatic for me. I don’t even need to give it any thought. I love the convenience and I feel better when I’m pumping compared to injections. Anyway, give it a try for awhile. It is easier than working a cellphone if you ask me. I recently started putting my set on my inner thigh, about 4 inches above my knee and closer to the back of my leg. Not so far back that I would sit on it. I love the buttocks for sites but ofen catch my pants on the set as I’m pulling them up.
Good luck!

Congrats on your pump! After 15 years with diabetes and 7 years of convincing, I finally gave in and am getting an insulin pump too. I went with the Animas Ping which is very similiar to the animas 20/20. I had some of the same reservations about being hooked to a machine 24/7. What legnth of tubing do you use?