First failed infusion catheter!

Changed my infusion/cath/insulin today… Do it every third day… All was ok for a few hours then went to gym and started workout, 5 minutes into leg presses started to feel pain at insertion site of catheter, looked at it and had blood back flowing … Ugh!! Oh well, pain persisted and just disconnected pump and pulled out catheter… Fortunately I was exercising and have relatively low insulin requirement (12-15 units/day). BG was 92 at home after 2 hour work out that was about 80% intense cardio… I was arrogant enough to believe I was immune to the problems faced by others … Lesson learned!

at least you didnt have what happened to me. I ended up having a DKA and I've been on shots for a month now because oh according to Joslin, you had a DKA (my first too), we are not putting you back on the pump until your #s come down. lets hop your newest infusion set will be a bit more behaved

Good that you caught it relatively quickly. Pain at an infusion site can be misleading; sometimes it goes a away and sometime it persists. I've concluded that pain that persists needs to be positively addressed; it's never benign. Yeah, none of us are immune to management/treatment glitches. Murphy's law applies to diabetes, too.

I’ve had to go to the hospital twice now for dka due to the infusion set catheter being bent