First Field Trip With Diabetes. Any Suggestions?

This Friday I’m going on my first field trip with diabetes. I am also going on a few more after this one and I was wondering if y’all have any advice you can share with me. The field trip this Friday we will be going bowling, Buffalo Wild Wings, frozen yogurt place, and then Gymagic (gymnastics, trampolines, etc.). The field trip after that, we are going to San Antonio to the I MAX and they are going to provide popcorn and soda… YIKES! Maybe I’ll just have a handful of popcorn and a few sips of the cold beverage(: Then the next one we are going to the local movie theater (they are providing popcorn, drink, AND candy!!) and on the same day we are going out to eat at Chili’s. The next one we are going to Schlitterbaun all day! So I will probably need a couple of EXTRA snacks, considering we will be walking/ exercising all day. Busy, busy, busy… It is going to be different, but VERY fun, I hope. I hope I wont let diabetes slow me down, especially on those days! So, if you have any advice, just post it! Thank you(:

I would suggest looking up the carbs for B-dubs on line before you go there. Some of their stuff (boneless wings?) is good for > 100 depending on what “goodies” you get with it? Re the rest of it, you should be able to insist on Diet Soda, that is not an unreasonable request. My daughter’s non-diabetic friends drink it all the time so it should not be unxpected? I would just be careful, test and bring some of your own snacks in some convenient way to lug them around, even if you have to resort to cargo shorts? I suspect that it would be more fun if it were easier to get around without having to worry about your bag of critical supplies. And have fun too!!

Yeah, I will most definitely get a diet soda. I will also bring a lot of snacks, especially to schlitterbaun! I will just give my little tote bag to the teacher tomorrow, but I dont know what im going to do at the other ones. I’m not even thinking about the other ones right now because the NJHS field trip is tomorrow!! Yay!!

Ive attended many school field trips, especially ones involving traveling. My advice to you is to allllways keep quick reacting sweets with you, regardless of how much candy theyll give u! :stuck_out_tongue: Because perhaps you’ll go for a walk after the meal and you might get a low then. I never really tested myself that often, as I used my own gut feeling unless I was back at the accommodation, but of course its advisable to keep your meter with you and some extra strips. Also, the more sweets you carry, the more flexible you are, as trips dont always necessarily go according to plan. And aaalways make sure you have enough insulin on you before you leave your place.

As a diabetic you should be able to do most of what the others do, nothing stopped me aside from lows of course, where Id then wait a couple of minutes till im ready to carry on.

Also, beware of trampolines! Once on summer vacation I was on the trampoline with my cousins and my blood sugar would just keep dropping very quickly no matter what id do, always make sure u have enough sugar on and in you!

Hope I helped!

Jumping on trampolines dont really affect me. I jumped on a trampoline a lot over spring break and sugars were ok. The only bad thing that happened was my friend got a nose bleed because her brother accidentally kicked her(: I know, I am going to bring some sugar tablets and a whole bunch of snacks. Should I take a bottle of insulin and a couple of syringes? We are going to be gone from 8:30 to 3:00, and I take humalin in the morning to cover lunch. What are y’alls thoughts? Thanks TaupeLime and Acidrock. Did you ever get my reply Taupe?

No problem! Yeh trampolines can be deadly haha. Well I myself always use an insulin pen, no syringes. But I always take extra syringes just in case the pen gets lost or breaks. But if you only extract it from the bottle directly then I guess its best to take an cool-bag to keep it in, safe from any sharp blows that can damage it. I myself dont have much experience with humalin, never used it.

Nope I didnt get a reply after my last answer, perhaps an error?

Can you re-send the last email you sent me please? I will probably remember what I put if you did and it will help me remember to email you back if it comes through my regular email address. Thanks!

Re Schlitterbahn (from one who has spent multiple summers out there, both while MDI and while pumping). Figure you are probably going to stand in some really long lines with all the school groups out there right now, if the lines are short, count your blessings. That being said, when your blood sugar decides to take a nose dive is when you are at the top and about 5 people away from your turn! I always wear a “fanny pack”, I actually ordered one a long time ago that is flat instead of what they sell in the store, and I could carry a tube of glucose gel, or a tube of icing in case something sweet was needed and I didn’t have to worry about it getting wet. But I always wear shorts over my bathing suit as bahn is hard on swimsuits so the pack would ride under my shorts… Bahn is easy for food & insulin - just pack all in your ice chest and you are good to go. Test often, extra test strips! The nieces, nephew, and child learned I will ride a couple of rides, back to table, finger stick, and off again sometimes tube and snack in hand!
Re the popcorn at the theater, that is a killer for me, so I usually ignore as I would way rather get to eat at Chili’s!

Thanks Korrie! I have been to Schlitterbaun before, but before I was diagnosed (sept 2010). The field trip went well today. I think I did get low on the trampolines, so I drank about half a gatorade without testing, but waited a few mins until i went back on. I am supposed to eat lunch at 12, but the food took so long at Buffalo Wild Wings and ended up eating at 1:45 and a couple of sugar tabs while waiting. I had a blast, but now I am exhausted! I fell asleep on the bus ride back which was like 30 minutes. We didnt end up going bowling as planned because the workers didnt show up when the place opened!!! And the party planner for the bowling alley quit and didnt give back the schedule, so they dont know when they are having parties. So instead, we went to the mall. Barely any stores were open, but we still had fun in the little kiddie rides(: I cant wait for the other field trips and hope my numbers and D related stuff is going to be just as good as it was today!!