I just found the most amazing opportunity!

Hey everyone!

For the past week I was feeling really sad about having diabetes and isolated as I don’t really know any other type 1 diabetics. It’s great to talk to everyone on the forums but I wanted to spend some time face to face with others who have been where I have. I was asking my nurse about some support groups but we couldn’t find any in my city. Amazingly enough I just found these diabetes camps called Dtreat.

They’re put on by the Diabetes Education and Camping Association. They are designed for 18-25 year old type 1 diabetics and the issues that we deal with. I am so excited to no longer be the only diabetic in the room!! I’m signed up for Dtreat Tampa but they have them in lots of other places all over the US and Canada. They hold them on university campuses and for 3 days of activities, accommodations, meals and everything else it’s only 50$! Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

I think it’s such an excellent idea since there really aren’t any camps for my age group. It’s mostly just for the little kids but we need emotional group support too in a fun environment.

Anyways, I really want to spread the word so that other diabetics get to enjoy this experience too.

The site is:


Sounds wonderful Catherine! When are you going? Please keep us posted about it.

I’m going to the Tampa location July 1-3 so in 2 and a half months! I can’t wait to go. I will absolutely keep everyone posted. It would be really cool if I met some of my friends from tudiabetes at Tampa!

Have fun! Sounds great. Hope you report back about your experience.