First mistake........and then another!


Mistakes that I could kick myself for making and then afterwards the sick feeling/sadness I feel when I think about the "what ifs". My whole family went out to eat and before dinner we gave Olivia two shots. One is 1/2 unit of Lantus and the other is between 1/2 and 1 and 1/2 units of Humalog. It really stinks that you cannot mix Lantus with another insulin. Olivia is pretty good about getting two shots before dinner, but the last few nights she has been screaming "Only one, one shot, one shot." It takes a little manipulation to give the second shot. Well anyways, I gave her the first shot and then when I was about to give her the second shot - I pulled the plunger out instead of pushing it in. I didn't inject the needle into the skin when I did this, but then my husband said, "What insulin do I need to refill?" ■■■■! I had no idea what insulin I messed up on. Now we have to decide - Do we give the humalog or give the lantus. We opted to give the Humalog and then we watched every move she made. My mother in-law watched her for an hour after dinner while my husband and I went to "Go back to School Night" with our oldest daughter who started the first grade this year. We made sure that she tested Olivia while we were gone. All was well, but then I started thinking what if we overdosed her humalog, what if she bottomed out, what if..., what if...., what if... And then I felt sick!

My second mistake came last night. I woke up this morning and my husband said, "What was Olivia's blood sugar at 3am?" I said that "I didn't know, didn't you get up to do it?' He said no! He said the alarm went off and he asked me if I wanted him to do this check and I said, no I'll get her. He said I got up out of bed and went out to the kitchen where we keep all of Olivia's diabetic care supplies along with her meter. He said he then went back to bed and didn't think anything of it! I got up to check her meter to see if there was a 3am reading on it and there wasn't! I DO NOT REMEMBER GETTING UP OUT OF BED AND WHAT DID I DO WHEN I WENT INTO THE KITCHEN? Am I a sleep walker and I don't even know it? Then ofcourse I played the "what if " game!


Life of a diabetic child and his/her mother is so tough. :frowning:

Hoping things get better today.

Consider pumping for Olivia. :slight_smile: Less shots. :slight_smile: