First PCP visit After Diagnosis

Later today I’ll have my first post diagnostics visit. It should be interesting. I will have my meds and glucose readings with me.

Anything vitality important I need to I should be asking? Sorry, stupid question, but I’m not certain I know enough to ask my doctor the really important stuff


The key points to discuss would be how your BGs are responding to your meds and other changes you made (food choices, quantity, exercise, etc).

Your doctor may do an in-office A1C that may help show progress, depending on how long ago you were diagnosed.

How long has it been since diagnosis?
Besides meds, what other changes have you made?

Before appointment, decide what YOUR goals are. Do you want BG control as close to non-diabetic range, or just meet goal your doctor sets, and discuss this with doctor.

Thanks for the information. Turns out this was more directions on getting my BG down. I was diagnosed a week ago a1c11.7 and have been on a steroid to help fight pneumonia.

Apparently those president a huge disadvantage to my meds keeping me in check. I did ask to have the pep-tide test on a future visit after we see we’re we are once the steroids leave my system.

Because of my average BG when I was in the hospital he gave me a simple diet to follow until the next visit: Eggs, Meat, and vegetables.

Should be interesting.

Bummer… steroids and bg are a challenge!! Good luck.

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Personally, I found a CGM very helpful as there is, in my opinion, way too much to keep track of and try to figure out, particularly when you’re new. I went about 6 months using finger sticks before I asked for a CGM (it was not offered or even discussed by the GP) and have been on one for about a year and a half. Without it, there’s too much opportunity to dismiss a high or low as an effect of when you poked your finger relative to a meal, etc. and it’s nearly impossible to accurately see effects of different meals or exercise on a several-hour timeframe. Let alone see nighttime trends.

Again, personally and without a lot of experience to back it up, I would push for a monitor with high/low alarms while they are adjusting your med list and doses.

My doctor focused on the meds and did not consider other things that I changed in my life. If you’ve reacted to the diagnosis like a lot of people and overcompensated in the exercise direction, diet changes, etc. make sure the doctor understands and factors that into the med adjustments. Particularly if you think your changes are not sustainable – they’re trying to adjust things with medications while you’re adjusting them with diet and exercise and unless people talk it will delay you getting to a happy/healthy steady state.

Ask if there’s a diabetes education class available if it hasn’t already been discussed.

Do you mean that he put you in the hospital because your A1c was 11.7 Or another complication

No, I was in the hospital because of pneumonia associated with COVID. While in the hospital I found out I was (Severely) diabetic BG levels were in the high 400’s. A week after getting out of the hospital my PCP advised me to eat this.

I’ve had cortisone injections and pretty much makes blood sugars go wild. First day I had to take more than double my insulin. Then slowly came down over the next few days

Update on this… my A1C is now at 6.5! Can’t believe it went down so much. Of course it probably helps that I’ve lost almost 100 pounds and go hiking most weekends. Thanks to everyone in this group that helped calm me down and think about what it means to be diabetic.


Steroids are a huge issue for blood sugar levels. They are needed in some cases of course but they notoriously play havoc with our system. And then weight loss and exercise really help to control it.

I am so glad to hear you are doing better!