First post - are these numbers something to worry about?


I am a fit 31 yr old with the following numbers:

03/07 A1c 5.3%
05/08 FBS 103 (ref 70-105 at this lab)
06/09 FBS 109
07/09 FBS 104 A1c 5.2%

Because of the 100+ fasting numbers I bought a meter and have had fasting numbers between 89-103 at home. I have also been testing after meals and here are the results:

after pasta dinner 1hr 155 2hr 126
after oatmeal/toast 1hr 143 1.5hr 123
after burrito with whole wheat tortilla and refried beans 1 hr 161 2 hr 147 4hr 100

But after some meals with less carbs I’ll peak at 119. These numbers seem high to me and Im concerned. My 50yr old mother is prediabetic with a FBS of 120. Could this be an early LADA or DM 1.5? Any thoughts?

Because individual blood glucose readings from a home meter may not be accurate, it’s good you also have the A1C numbers, which show blood sugars over 2-3 months.

Currently, organizations such as the American Diabetes Assocation are looking at using the A1C, rather than the fasting blood glucose or glucose tolerance tests, to define diabetes. So far, 6.5% A1C will be the point at which type 2 diabetes is diagnosed (because at this point, evidence of retinopathy–eye damage from high blood glucose–climbs sharply).

You’ll have to ask a doctor whether your numbers warrant doing tests to determine insulin resistance and any lack of insulin production. I would guess not (yet).

Are you overweight? If so, losing 10-20 pounds may provide the help your body needs to fight inflammation and prevent insulin resistance. Losing weight and regular activity are the gold standards for preventing type 2.

If you’re developing type 1 as an adult (the LADA or DM 1.5 you mention), losing weight and staying active can help (and help your body produce insulin for longer), but currently we have no way to prevent type 1 and insulin therapy is needed.

I would say continue to measure, but do not panic yet. Your fasting blood sugar could be normal. The 150-160 after meals seems high, but as Kelly mentioned meters can have up to 20% error… so a 160 could actually be a 130.

Also, make sure your hands are always clean before testing (no food, etc on them).

The best thing to do you be to ask your doctor for a glucose tolerance test. This is the best way to detect diabetes, I think.

Thanks for your help. My thinks Im worried about nothing after looking at my fasting and A1c levels. I’ll have to push to get anymore testing done.

Drew, in any case a healthy diet is always a good choice. This is true if or not you have any pre-disposition to diabetes.