First time traveling as podder

My beloved Animas pump is gone and I became a podder a few months ago. Jury it out for now. My question is about traveling, which I will be doing for the first time with a pod and not sure about a few things, such as:

  • I charge my PMD every night so not sure I need to do anything with the PDM batteries, which I have never even seem, Had just planned to take the PDM charger
  • Should I also buy and bring along a portable battery charger that I keep on me at all times while away?
  • I will bring along insulin pens just in case I have pod failure - pens for basal and syringes to use with my Apidra for bolus. Sound OK?
  • What am I forgetting?
    Appreciate any feedback…leaving Oct 23rd

It irritates me that I have to charge the battery in my Dexcom receiver so often. It would drive me bonkers if I had a pump that was just hours or days away from a dead battery, at all times. Do you really have a system that is always a day or two away from a dead battery?

What are you forgetting? To have a GOOD TIME ! :slight_smile: Where you going btw?

Sounds like you got it covered. Maybe some wipes might help.

Do you also use a Dexcom? If so, overtape, skin tack and possibly tack away would help too.

Off to the east coast for my High Shcool 40th reunion. Have traveled with a pump many time so know the basics of what to bring. My question is about pod "stuff"that I may be overlooking…like being prepared if my PDM runs out of juice.

Thanks Brad

You said you’re using omnipod, right? If memory serves, the pdm uses batteries. If so, just bring an extra set or two. I myself always cary pens with needle toppers as a backup. Along with my standard meter/lancet/strips and of course glucose tabs or candy like skittles or smarties.

Enjoy your trip. 40 years eh? We just went to #35 last year.

I think @Spring1 is on the dash system not the original Omnipod.

The dash system plugs in. No extra battery needed because you are recharging the one in it every night when you plug in. I love my dash. No matter how long you stay always take extra pods and insulin. Make sure you take the plug with you. One time I forgot mine but luckily my daughter was with me and had the same type I use.

Oops. Sorry didn’t catch that. Definitely bring the charger.

Thanks Bonnie. The PDM also has a battery, just like a cell phone does. Assume it takes a long time for that battery to go, just like a cell phone, but curious if anyone knows about how long.

Yes it has a flat rechargeable battery. One time I let it go for 3 days without charging. It still had power, about 8%.

Definitely take a charger, but here’s the thing: the charging cord fits into any USB port, so you can use your phone charger (assuming you have one, and anyone else’s if you don’t) and most hotels now have USB ports in their rooms and they are also available at many other locations like coffee shops and even in airplanes these days. The PDM will definitely last more than a day unless you have battery issues, but try to charge it every night. You will probably find that it gets to 100% pretty quickly, so it’s also easy to top off during the day if you have a chance. I always take 2-3 more pods than I think I will need on a trip just in case one fails during a change. I’m probably dumb, but I do not take a pen or syringes. I’ve just had good luck with not having to rely on anything else other than maybe a backup pod or two.

Very helpful, thanks Jim. In the short time, I’ve had the pods, I’ve had two issues so really don’t want to be caught with an inactive pod when roaming around NY on public transportation. So just need to decide if I want to carry pods and insulin with me when away from the hotel…or pens although the long-lasting insulin pen is supposed to be used at bed time. Would be nice to take a little vacation from diabetes :slight_smile:

I don’t use an Omnipod but douse a Tandem. When I went to Paris this summer, I did purchase a portal charger as my pump, meter, phone and IPad all need charging. I used it a few times but it came in handy for others in the group. I also found the charger held it’s charge for a very, very long time. When traveling, always better safe than sorry when traveling with diabetes. Have fun with your reunion!