Extra Omnipod pods after switching to Dash

I have several boxes of traditional pods after switching to the Dash system, which uses a different pod. I figured I’d keep a few of the older pods as backup, but I hate to just throw these away, and since they have a shelf life, I can’t just keep them indefinitely even if I wanted to. Any suggestions for recycling these pods? Is it even legal to pass them along?

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There are still folks that use those pods and I don’t think it is a bad thing to pass them along. I’m sure someone would be very grateful to have them. I gave mine away.

Can’t help there but I had no idea they changed the pods. That’s kind of a downer, is there any benefit to the newer pod? Does it hold more? Does it last longer? I like the idea of the dash but do not like the idea of it being on a phone. The current PDM we have fine is a better option, at least for us because you can insert strips into it for quick checks and it seems the be pretty reliable (much better than any other finger stick device we have used).

The new pods are almost exactly the same as the old pods, but they use Bluetooth instead of NFC (I think) to connect to the PDM. The Dash system uses a repurposed and dedicated Android phone as the PDM. It does not do anything else but control the pod. It’s about the same height and width of the old PDM but only about a quarter as thick and is much lighter. It is rechargeable and should probably be charged each night, although I could probably get two days out of a charge. No batteries to buy, but you do have to remember to recharge it, so that’s good and bad. It has a touch screen and is a bit more discreet because it looks like a phone. The package includes a separate glucometer that communicates with the PDM. Since I’m on a Dexcom G6, I’m not doing daily finger sticks, so the disadvantage of no meter in the PDM is not that great for me.

I am sorry I don’t know the names of these organizations but there are many out there. They usually pop up on the threads here whenever there is a disaster and these groups are looking for meters, test strips, insulin, pump supplies. Also can try any free clinic that might take them in your area.

There is high demand for the old pods. They are the only kind that loopers can use. I know that there are people on this site that need access because I have sent them some. You are fine, legally, but you should message people directly, not publicly on the site. That’s just how it works, now. @BradP was looking a little while ago. He may still be in the market for old PODS. He’ll probably respond within a couple days, now that he’s tagged.

I have made arrangements to donate to our local free clinic. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. I was a board member for many years and even president for a year. They are happy to get them.

You are so kind to want to pass them along. I was using them faster than my supply, so I reached out here and got caught up. I no longer need more, but I would agree to check with a local clinic. It’s a gray area actually. Not legal, but police don’t tend to get involved. if you ask on FB and name the product, you can get banned for giving, selling or asking though so be careful. Clinics typically love them.

For legal purposes TuDiabetes does allow posts that ask to buy, sell or giveaway prescription items, pods included. This topic is acceptable because the original poster did not offer his pods for sale or give away on this site.

We are not quite as strict on the subject as FB, we won’t ban you we will just remove the post.

Insulin For Life accepts almost all MDI supplies and insulin. They don’t accept anything related to pumping.


Jim how are you? My wife can use them her ensures just stop providing for her now we have to buy them. Please let me know if you still have them

Sorry, I ended up donating them to a free clinic here.