Fitbit watch

Does anyone know if you can use the dexcom app on the Fitbit watch (not the Apple Watch)???

I’m pretty sure there is no Dexcom integration with FitBits. Here’s a discussion on a fitbit forum that seems to confirm that and that users would love to see it integrate.

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It’s not available on the current crop of watches fitbit offer.

Although they are moving more into “smart watches” rather than the more simplistic pedometer style units they offer, the latest iterations of the Blaze model for example.

They might get there eventually.


Fitbits are fitness trackers and are not nearly as sophisticated as an Apple Watch. To my knowledge, there are no apps that you can install on a Fitbit, only the built-in features that come with it.

I’ve used a Fitbit Charge HR for years that I recently lost. I’m not replacing it now because I want to see what comes next. If the next generation of Fitbits don’t support apps, then I’ll probably buy an Apple Watch instead (even though I love the Fitbit and the way it collects and presents data).


I went full circle with the smart watches/fitness trackers.

I had a couple of the first gen fit bits, got bored with them and moved to the Huawei smart watch and an apple watch.

But ultimately found that I didn’t get any benefit from a smart watch over getting my phone out of my pocket really, I didn’t find either the huawei or the apple watch particularly useful and they ended up as just another item to charge at the end of every day and to to worry about scratching.

Recently bought one the new fit bits, which I charge once a week if that, has HR tracking and a much better interface for the web elements.

If I had dexcomm i’d not doubt end up with another smart watch though ha.

Wow, that’s a nice Fitbit! The one I’ve been eying is the Charge 2. The Apple Watch is tempting because of its waterproofness, accessibility, and the fact it could display Dexcom results if I upgrade to the G5 or later. If it would allow a carb bolus with a pump, that would totally sell me (I gather those using Loop can actually do this).

Fitbit announced the Fitbit Ionic this week, based on the development they have accomplished after purchasing Pebble (and integrating Pebble programming staff). This one will be developer-programmable, so I have hopes that applications such as xDrip, and perhaps eventually Dexcom Share and/or Follow will support it.

I’ve had more flaky connectivity using my Android Wear watch than I’d like (MUCH better consistency from my Pebble Time!). I have hopes that this new device (which looked suspiciously close to the cancelled Pebble Time 2) will fill that gap.

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It’s just a standard Fitbit Charge 2 with an after market strap I purchased off amazon for 10 dollars to smarten it up abit for the office :slight_smile:

I’m pleased with it for the cost.

Wow, I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Hopefully it won’t cost as much as an Apple Watch. And hopefully the screen will be much brighter than something like the Garmin Vivoactive.

Well looks like the wait won’t be as long as I envisaged.

Looks like the phone will have to be present, too. That’s a bummer. I still plan on getting the Ionicshortly after it comes out. Not sure I’ll be in a huge rush to upgrade to the G5, but I’ll likely do it when my G4 transmitter dies. Hopefully needing the phone present will be temporary, because I have no interest in keeping my phone on me at all times (it’s bulkier than the G4 receiver).