Apple Watch to work with DexCom

For those who are Apple fans, this is good news.

That was a cringe-worthy article. They seem to think that the Dexcom straps around the waist. They forget to mention that while you can get a Dexcom reading on your watch, you need Dexcom sensors, a Dexcom receiver, an iPhone, and and Apple Watch.

When the Dexcom sensor can send direct to any Bluetooth device universally (e.g. phone, car, watch, bike gps, etc.) without additional devices, then I'll be interested.

I can't wait!

Maybe in 2016 ... Or maybe it's just wishful thinking/promoting by Terry Gregg? The quote below is an except from this interview.

MDO: What is your timeline for the Gen 5 product?

Gregg: We are going to file the premarket submission with the FDA in the first quarter of 2015, so I would expect a product introduction late in 2015 or early in 2016. We have certainly been in discussions with the agency for the past couple of years about this product, getting them comfortable with the concept.

This is a product that connects directly to phones, so the agency is concerned, and rightfully so, about the integrity of the signal from the transmitter to the phone. It cannot be interrupted by upgrading software, for example, or adding apps or making calls. We must always be the primary on a phone, so alerts about glucose going up or going down too rapidly can be received. That’s the kind of risk mitigation we have been working through with the FDA, as they get more comfortable with these types of devices for the future.

Connected devices are coming through the pipeline rapidly, and not only from us. As we discussed earlier, there are watches that can measure not only your heart rate, but your blood pressure, your pulse oximetry, your oxygen saturation, etc. The difference is that the type of information delivered by today’s smart watches is retrospective — it’s not really actionable. The agency is more comfortable with those.

With Share, it’s different. It has taken the game to a new level with active remote monitoring versus retrospective. That was a big hurdle to overcome with the agency, and transmitting directly to the phone will be as well.

Bluetooth is universal not matter what it's used with. It's all down to software, and whether or not someone will write that software. Bottom line is where is the money. iOS's eco system continues to show that's where the money is at. Other mobile ecosystems just don't have the $$ support, even though the devices numbers look good, the end users don't do much with them in mass. Though I'd be surprised if we didn't see support for Android, even though it is a security nightmare. We could even easily see support for Microsoft's health/fitness watch that's very popular right now.

I only have one question is when is the bluetooth reciver coming to Canada. I just want to be able to read it on my Iphone and no have to take it out of my purse everytime.

the States have it already. my warranty is up in March for my dexcom reciever. Anyone know when?

I thought the BT transmitter came with the G5. The G4 uses ANT+ protocol, which the iPhone can't read. There are some Android phones that can use it.

Canada or the last transmitter and Receiver I got was a G4 I don't think Canada has the G5 yet. Wondering when they do. I do not want to buy my receiver/transmitter in march if they are coming next month.

I didn't think the G5 was released yet? Thought it was announced almost 2 years ago The video here talks about cell phone connectivity, and their demo was an Android phone. Again, this was 2 years ago.

I actually meant the G4 but with the apple app. I can't find anywhere when it is coming to Canada, the states has an updated software and the bluetooth
Canada does not even have the updated software yet.