Fitness Trackers

As a multi-sport athlete, I have several different apps for running and biking, and a gps watch with heart rate monitor. They give me some very specific feedback, but I'm finding I need more general info. My biggest problem right now is sleep, so I'm hoping to find a fitness monitor that includes sleep patterns. I know the advertisements don't match with the in the field experience, so I'm hoping for some actual use feedback.

I'm looking for a sleep monitor in a general fitness monitor. I don't care about calorie burn calculations. Fuel Band is not specific enough due to just earning points for moving. Just from web descriptions, Fit Bit Force is leading my choices. The down-side is I can't use it in the pool. Any feed back is appreciated!

One of the instructors at my gym was raving about this bracelet. Is this what you are looking for? I admit I am quite intrigued although the price tag is steep.

Exactly. I've found 5 similar brands that have a sleep tracking component. Prices range from $99-$149. If I'm going to spend that kind of money I want to be sure it's quality. The reviews seem to be really positive or really negative. The Jawbone had some good reviews, but there were complaints about it being uncomfortable.