Fit bit

I am thinking I want a fit bit ,I know little about them. Any suggestions would be appreciate them. I am a walker and a water aerobics person. Thanks in advance. Nancy50

When I got my first fitness tracker earlier this year I chose the Fitbit Charge 2, which I am very happy with. Which one is best for you can depend on your requirements, so looking at the site for a comparison is the only thing I can really suggest. The app used for the device(s) is the same for all of them, so you will have the same features available once you have the data.

I started out with a Fitbit One, then upgraded to a Fitbit Charge HR, and then a Fitbit Ionic. I’ve liked them all. I regret getting the Ionic, but that’s only because cheaper models that could do everything I wanted (mostly swim tracking) came out within a year of the Ionic, so I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t wait. My next step is hopefully getting my BG to display on my Ionic…

All depends on what you want it to do. If you want to be able to see your dexcom data, for example, then only the newer smartwatch models will work if you must stay with fitbit. If not, then something like the Charge 2 or 3 would work great. And of course your budget. There are often deals so never pay retail unless you have no choice.

I love my Fitbit. I have the blaze currently, but it’s over 2 years old and the battery is not as good as it was, so I’m going to upgrade on my birthday. I liked the charge 3 because its waterproof, but not as expensive as the ionic or the versa, but when doing my research, theres a lot to consider. For example, Fitbit records sleep better, but Garmin’s devices have a stress detector which Fitbit doesn’t. Garmin is slightly more expensive, but they have some models comparable in price to Fitbit. Also, Fitbit has more options if you want to replace the watch band. I cant stand the plastic bands, so getting a metal band is very important for my comfort level. Garmin has slightly better sports tracking. Decide what is most important to you, a list of what you absolutely need to stuff you couldn’t care less about, and it will make the decision easier. If you post your priorities, I can help because I’ve been researching for myself for a couple months.

Thanks everyone. I have some vision issues,but read a larger face watch. I walk and do water aerobics. I just got an older model exercise bike,too. $5 at the thrift store. Pretty excited as once winter comes it is tough to walk here. I do not drive. I will do some research to figure out if one is right for me. Thank you. Nancy50

Hi @Nancy50 - my vision is about 20/500 and I can read the Ionic default watch face (the font is quite large) as well as the information in the exercise app during exercise and the timer (these are the two apps I use the most). Some of the other apps use much smaller font, such as if you want to use the music app. The Ionic has a very bright screen (seems even brighter than my iPhone) with white text on a black background, which makes a huge difference for me! I am pretty sure the Versa has the same type of screen as the Ionic.

I just got a fitbit2 today for my birthday. I will set it up tomorrow. Exciting! Nancy50

Happy Birthday, @Nancy50
I love my Fitbit. I wasn’t too keen when they first came out, but I’ve had it for nearly a year and don’t want to do much without it on! LOL