Florida Governor wants prescription meds from Canada

Interesting, this would be great if insulin from Canada could be purchased!


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It is interesting, also more complicated than it looks. As one commenter in the article points out:

"Canada simply doesn’t have enough drugs to sell them to us for less money, and drug companies won’t sell Canada or Europe more just to have them imported here.”

In other words, it’s one thing for individuals to ignore the prohibition and buy drugs abroad, but quite another for that to happen at scale, with whole states doing it en masse. At that point we’re dependent on the big pharma companies being willing to sell more drugs to Canada in order for Americans to buy them at lower prices than the same companies are trying to charge back here.

I think ultimately the solution has to be allowing the kind of collective price bargaining here that those other countries have, which is what drives their costs down relative to ours. The fact that such negotiations have been disallowed here tells you all you need to know about the influence of Big Pharma $$ and the hypocrisy of “free market” solutions in this area. It’s a “free market” in which we customers are bound hand and foot with a gun to our heads.

I would think most of the insulin sold in Canada comes from the USA anywhere

I think they are wrong

And what diff would it make
More insulin is not going to be used so the supply will be there

I agree that insulin for Canada market is most likely produced in the same factories that supply the US market, with a lot of it manufactured in the US. The only difference being that what is sold in Canada has bilingual labeling.

There is no prohibition for US individuals to go to Canada and purchase a 90 day supply of insulin or other prescription medication and bring back to the US subject to USCODE-2011-title21-chap9-subchapVIII-sec384

Point taken, thanks. I believe there are restrictions in terms of ordering/shipping, as opposed to going in person, though I don’t think anyone’s getting arrested for it. My main point though is just that the scale of the activity makes a difference.

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I looked on my (Canadian) Humalog box a few minutes ago. While it doesn’t say where it’s manufactured (could just as easily be in USA despite the en français labelling … part of the Canadian culture).

What it does say is product is expressly NOT for export.

Can you guess why? Could it be that they do not want it exported to the US because in the US they make much more profit from it. Perhaps I’m being cynical, I’m sure both US and Canadian laws prevent it from being imported/exported.