Humalog from canada pharmacy anyone?

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Well I’ve changed careers and no longer have insurance. An with humalog for my pump at $112.00 a vial; I started looking for a better price. Has anyone purchased HUMALOG from the Canada pharmacies? GOOD or BAD please e-mail me. If I can buy 10 vials for $289.00 this would be the way to go.

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I always tell people to never purchase ANY medications from a mail order pharmacy. How do you know the medication is the actual medication? Anyone can get a label and put it on a vial. How do you know the medication is the correct strength? How do you know how the insulin is stored and shipped? When it gets to you it may not be as strong as when it left the pharmacy, distributor, etc. If any of the above occurs, what recourse do you then have?

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According to this source, it is not legal to purchase drugs from Canada as a U.S. resident.

Put my dead body in jail then.

Everyone bashes on the drug companies but its the USSA police state that makes us buy the over priced stuff.

You can’t get high from it why do they care ?

It is totally legal to purchase drugs from Canada as a U.S.resident. You are bringing up a 10 year old post. Attached is the law with section highlighted in yellowInsulinCanada1-USCODE-2011-title21-chap9-subchapVIII-sec384Highlighted.pdf (129.5 KB)

I’ve purhased all my anti-seizure meds and some insulin (Fiasp) from this pharmacy for the last two years. My neurologist recommended them. In the US I’d pay $35K/year because my insurance stopped covering it. I get it for $4K from Canada. It’s a brick and mortar pharmacy and you can reach a pharmacist at any time. Believe me, I wouldn’t buy anti-seizure meds from Canada unless I was absolutely certain they’re authentic. My neurologist was successfully using them so he was comfortable writing the script.

My understanding is It’s legal for an individual to purchase up to a 90 day supply of an FDA approved drug from outside the US. You still need a valid perscription. Many doctors, my neurologist and endo among them, will give you one because they understand how ridiculous some drug prices are in the US.

There are probably fifty Canadian pharmacies that will ship into the US and you have to be careful who you use. Canada Drugs shut their doors last year as part of a consent decree with the US government. I believe they shipped a bogus cancer drug into the US.

Pharmacy I’m using -

Info on Canada

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I want to buy 3ml bottles of Humalog. Ridiculous that if I followed instructions on expiration I would be throwing most of it in the trash every month.

Its just crazy that I should even be thinking that I should find another humalog user that does the same, using way less then half every month and start playing games with taking some out and transferring it to another vial for myself. I would want to do this right when its opened not after anyone was poking at it as that is as disgusting as needle sharing in the heroin world.

This whole system is crazy, I should not have to play the same games they do in the illegal drug market.

I buy all of my Lantus/Humalog from Canada but do not use an online pharmacy. Buying online, insulin can go bad sitting in customs and other shipping problems can happen. There are reputable online pharmacies, however they are far more expensive than actually going to Canada with a small cooler and purchasing directly from a retail pharmacy and they do have slight additional risk. The biggest issue is that you need to pre-order whatever you need, although it is OTC, they do not carry large quantities. I typically buy $8000 of insulin at US MSRP that costs me less than $800 in Canada depending on the USD exchange rate. Fortunately I live only a few hour drive from the border, so no problem for me.

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I have purchased Humalog in the past from a Canadian pharmacy out of Vancouver.

The problem is that the order takes an awful long time to get to the U.S.

It can sit for a week of more in an un-air-conditioned customs facility.

The Humalog 10ml vials that I received were made by Lilly’s Turkish subsidiary.

The insulin was just fine, but I’m just wondering whether heat in the upcoming summer and cold (freezing) in the winter may be a problem.

The pharmacy I’m using let’s you select the source for the drug. I can get my seizure meds from GSK facilities in Canada, EU or Turkey. The price is different depending on which you select. Not surprisingly it’s a lot cheaper to get from the Turkish source, but I’ve opted for Canada or the EU. The prices are about the same between EU and Canada but move up or down with exchange rates. The shapes, sizes and packaging for the pills vary by region, but that’s related to the specific processing equipment used at the producing plant. That frightened me a bit at first until I checked with my neurologist.