Flu Vaccine

Do you guys get the vaccine each year ? My doc thinks its essential to get me through the Winter, anyone go without ?

Always. Without fail anymore. I skipped it one year (out of pure laziness) and got sick as a dog, missed a week of work, glucose readings all over the place....

Never again.

Thanks Spock, I've never had a year without. I still get plenty of colds though which is annoying to say the least.

I never got one before my D diagnosis. Since diagnosis I always get one, it just seems prudent.

Yes, it is handy not having to worry about certain strains of flu every Winter.

A couple of years ago I asked for a vitamin D test and found out I was very low. Although its a rather subjective observation, I have had almost no colds etc. since I started supplementing with vitamin D.

I always go without now. Every time I've done it in the past, I've gotten very sick for a long time. Without, IF (big if, cause mostly I do not) I do get sick, it doesn't last as long or is as bad.

I always get one.

I did mention to the doc that my bgs go a bit higher a few days after the vac, but he says NO NO NO. I said YES YES YES.

I rarely get sick so I didn't bother with a flu shot for years. But since diagnosis I do because of the descriptions people give about how sickness affects blood sugar; why take a chance? I've never had any kind of reaction or noticed any rise in blood sugars from the vaccine.

I get the flu vaccine every year. I've not gotten the flu in decades (knock wood).

This year I also got the pneumonia vaccine, because it is recommended for those with diabetes who have been proven to be more vulnerable.

This article summarizes the treatment recommendations and has links to the underlying science that justifies it.


CDC presentation on pneumonia and diabetes..


I do think I'm imagining feeling ill after the vaccine because no one else seems to and in all fairness my bgs were all over the place these last few years. I do know that D can be extremely hard to control if I get an infection. Hope you are well Zoe.

Thanks for the input HNP

Yes and also the Pneumonia Vaccine after I turned 50.

Yip get the pneumo one too, well I did one year anyway.

I do get one, but more for the other people in my life than myself. I don't tend to catch anything (ironic, I know), but I have some family members and friends who have various conditions that could make the flu extremely dangerous for them. Remember, even if you don't typically get sick, you can still pass the flu on to other people around you. So you're not just getting the vaccine for yourself, but also for the people you interact with who may be susceptible (i.e,, someone undergoing chemo or a newborn baby).

Important to consider: if you do not work, have children attending school, etc., the likelihood of illness decreases dramatically. I retired this summer and my chances are much smaller then when I worked in the "I have to come to work, no matter how sick I am" environment.(If you are working, you are SO there!)

I still think, like Zoe, that it is sensible.

I work, have a school aged child, and teach in a school and I wouldn’t put that poison in my body for just about anything. The link with Alzheimer’s is very high.

Both Hubby ( not living with diabetes, age 80 plus ) and I ( age 70 plus ) do , yearly ...I do since diagnosed in 1983 ...both of us have received the pneumonia shot .Pneumonia can be a KILLER !

Googled it and Alzheimer’s link seems weak, but this is a concern. http://m.naturalnews.com/news/033891_vaccines_delayed_injury.html