Flying during COVID?

I’m wondering if any of you have taken a flight yet during the pandemic, and if so, what your experience was like. I normally live in California but have been at home with my parents in Boston since mid-March, and expect to be here for quite a while longer. Of course, all my belongings including my car are at my shared apartment in LA, and coordinating having it all packed up and moved into storage while I’m not there has been impossible. One of my roommates is moving out and the other one might flake, so I’m finding myself in a position where I may have to make the decision to do the cross-country flight to come get my stuff. It’s been hard for me to evaluate the risk, but I’m absolutely terrified of flying right now and am wondering if any of you have opinions on that matter. I’d rather rent a car and drive cross country to get there, but unfortunately I don’t have the time off or the money to do so.

@hollymateluber. You might find the article useful. Personally I haven’t flown in the last 6 months, but co-workers have. They used a similar regimen and managed to stay healthy.

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