Perspective and media panic NORMAL FLU stats

I’m over the media doing their scare campaign for their one world gov HS and I quote “governments must come together…”
I’m also shocked at how easy it is for people to make it a panic. At this point in time, I’m absoloutley certain if the media said aliens were invading on pink unicorns people would belive it. So here they are standard flu annual for world and the US.


United States Annually
between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

Seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide

Corona, what are we up to? 80K?

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Anything new and unknown is going to cause more panic than usual things like traffic accident deaths and flu deaths. It’s human nature. Johnny Carson joked on The Tonight Show once that there was a shortage of toilet paper. His comment created a massive run on TP. Voila: a shortage born of panic from a joke.

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I don’t think the aggregate number of deaths is what scares people. It’s their higher personal risk of a negative outcome with the Corona virus vs. influenza because of it’s higher mortality rate. But I still think it’s irrational and overblown.

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If you are one of the .05% that dies from seasonal flu you are still dead. And dying from coronavirus with a higher (some say about 2%–really too early to quantify, but they try) rate leaves one just as dead. Given how many have died from season flu (300,000 to 600,000+ die each year worldwide estimates claim)–that’s no small potatoes. I don’t worry about nuclear war, as there is nothing I can do about., I DO avoid drinking city water, however, as I CAN do something about avoiding the lousy water in my city. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s how fast it has multiplied and the higher percent of people that have needed hospitalization and the percent that have died that is scaring so many.


So what is the answer? Hide in our homes? Maybe our mail has the virus on it. :slight_smile: I mean, there is only so much one can do to prevent catching an infectious disease. I was born just before the polio vaccine came out. Now THAT was a dangerous time to be a kid. I got my pink sugar cube when I was in kindergarten. And another dose in 6th grade. Not sure if there were other doses in between., Polio was nothing to mess around with. I’m not going to sequester myself at home for the next god-knows-how-long because of a virus that happens to be new on the scene. Let’s all get a grip!!

I will consider hiding if a bunch of people in my area have it. I really hate being sick and luckily so far don’t get sick easily at all. We used to constantly get people coughing and sneezing with all sorts of things at my store. People were looking for help and even showed up in PJ’s.

But no, I’m just saying it is scaring people because it has obviously been more of a problem for the people that have been exposed to it.


I do also believe that the media has helped but fear into everyone. I mean, there is talk about stockpiling supplies. They never talk about stockpiling supplies each flu season and the flu kills so many more people. I am just very tired of the fear factor we have out there.
Sure be safe, take precautions but I still want to go about my day to day live. I just get my flu shot as does everyone in our household, I wash my hands all the time as I deal with the public all day, and we just use sanitizing wipes on surfaces when we can. Not a lot I can control. Do the best I can with what we have.
I mean, I have a good bad stock of my diabetes supplies, we have food in the freezer and pantry. May miss out on some fresh fruit or vegetables if it comes down to not being able to get to the store but plenty in the freezer.
I really think the only thing we might need is some cold supplies as we don’t get sick very much. You know cough medicine, drops, pain medication, fever reducers, stomach medications, Gatorade type fluids, you know stuff I should probably always have and might,just need to check supplies.
So far I have made it through every flu season without getting the flu and wow, the flu really scares me!


I don’t think i’s overblown at all

China did not shut down a gigantic city and build a hospital in ten days over nothing


Yea Dave I’m right with you, I use a reverse osmosis water filter system too. I eat whole foods nothing in a box or a carton. As the OP I also as part of my health regime don’t listen to the media either. Your right and I agree with all your comments and I’m actually happy so many have made similar observations. Gives me faith in humanity that the media doesn’t have as much pull. That’s pretty amusing about Johnny Carson, reminds me of the supposed panic of Orson Wells in 1938.

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The SARS outbreak occurred in 2002 and spread quickly in China. This outbreak occurred at the time of the Chinese New Year, which would be like Thanksgiving or Christmas travel here. I agree with you, the Chinese were worried.

I think experts and the media are, in part, using this as an opportunity to just remind people that they should be prepared in general. At least that’s the tone a lot of the media outlets have taken here in Canada.

I live in an earthquake zone and it’s been drilled into me since I was a kid that everyone should have an earthquake kit. Food and water and other supplies to get by for a few days or a week without outside help (and in the case of an earthquake, without water or electricity). Do most people have a kit? Nope! We had a big windstorm about 15 years ago that led to a boil-water advisory for two weeks. Within two days the stores were completely sold out of bottled water. The local media went, “What if this had been an earthquake? What if stores were unavailable? Clearly no one actually had a few days of water stored in their homes… What would people do if they couldn’t just run out and buy water?” I doubt anything has changed today. In fact, it may be worse because I think many people don’t actually keep food around anymore, they just rely on meal delivery, take out, eating out, and an occasional run to the grocery store.

I am by no means a “prepper” (if the apocalypse happened, I’d be dead) but everyone should be prepared to a small degree, and the vast majority of people don’t even have that on their radar.


The media may be responsible for hyping the corona virus event but sometimes people just don’t use their common sense. Check this out.

Edited to add: This is a false and misleading source and has been debunked by Snopes. See the link down-thread. My apologies.


Please tell me this is a hoax. If this is true, then it explains soooo much.

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I don’t think this is a hoax. The general public (not the TuD demographic) Is easily persuaded with fear. In the last many years I have witnessed so many instances where propaganda that’s obvious to me is bought hook, line and sinker by a significant percentage of people.

Edited to add: The Corona beer/Coronavirus link I posted above is a false and misleading source and has been debunked by Snopes. See the link down-thread. My apologies.


They are trying to bring back domestic drug manufacturing. Flu could be the best thing that ever happened.

Agreed @mohe0001 f it bought back all the manufacturing it would be even better, one of the best things I can think of.

@Terry4 My mouth is hanging open…sometimes you wonder how people function…then you realize a bunch really don’t.

If it wasn’t serious, it would be a question that Letterman would have gone on the streets and asked people about,

I was shocked how many people didn’t know what a condiment was when he asked what their favorite one was…

That is it, it is spreading much faster, it has a longer incubation and can be transmitted before people show symptoms or know they are sick. Some are mildly ill, others seriously. It has a higher death rate than flu. It can build up slowly and then become very serious, it seems to come and go as well. There are a lot of unknowns and there is no vaccine yet and won’t be for months unlike the yearly influenza vaccine. China did not impose massive quarantines for no reason.


A lot of people don’t function and can’t function. I think it really helps to understand the general population to reference this chart. The red box is the proportion that are prohibited from joining the army due to low IQ. This is pretty revealing and helps put a lot of things into context.

I thought the army required 90, but this guy suggests it might be 85…IDK.

IQ and real world functioning: