Flying Toronto to Tampa this month


first thank you to the many replies I got with my first post.

As a few month Ping One touch user does anyone have advice for flying to and from the US regarding your pump and supplies ?

I always put all of my pump and D stuff in my carry-on. Unless you are going for an extended stay, I just put my insulin vials in the 1 qt clear ziplock bag along with my other liquids and gels and send it through the scanner (If you have larger quantities, you can go through the medical supplies security line) - everything else stays zipped in my carry-on luggage. As for the pump itself, I have successfully sent this through the scanner as well many times, tucked into my carry on bag, but I have been told that Animas does not recommend this, so I have begun leaving the pump attached as I walk through the metal detector. Make sure to REMOVE ANY CARRYING CASE OR METAL CASE from your pump. The pump itself will not set off the metal detector, but the belt clip will. When they see your pump and remind you to take EVERYTHING out of your pockets, just tell them it is a medical device and cannot be removed. These things got me to and from Germany without any hassle.

I concur with one minor addition. I also get a letter from my doctor stating I’m carry medical supplies and have an insulin pump that cannot be disconnected. I present the letter as I’m going through security and have never had a problem.

I travel almost weekly all over the world. I keep all my D supplys in a small carry on and disconnect the pump just before going through security and put it in my shoe. I used to wear it, and sometimes it clears the metal detector, sometimes not. Rather than have a hassle, I just disconnect. The only time i went through a body scanner, they freaked out seeing the pump tubing (I was holding the pump) and the Dexcom sensor unit. They must have thought i was wired to blow. So I avoid any controversy and just disconnect. It’s easier.

As stated in another response, Animas does not recommend sending pump through the scanner with your other items. In addition Animas does not recommend taking the pump into one of the full body scaners. Mine sets off the alram all the time and I get a personal pat down. I refuse the full body scan and the TSA folks pressure me to do that, but I refuse. Have not been though this since the TSA pat down rules changes last week.


I’ve flown to and from Toronto with my Ping, and it has set off every metal detector everywhere (Halifax, Toronto, Newark) even though I take the belt clip off.
EDIT: On my most recent flights (Nov. 5 & 8), I removed my belt clip and did NOT set off the metal detector. In Halifax, the screener saw my pump before I walked through. I told him it was an “insulin pump for diabetes” and he said, “Okay, no problem,” and that was that. In Toronto, no one saw the pump (in my pocket) and the metal detector did not go off. So the people who say to remove the belt clip and expect no problems are right

In Toronto, they asked to swab the pump for explosives residue and were very nice about it. They did not want to touch the pump; the security person asked me to hold it while she swabbed it.

In Newark, I got taken aside for a pat-down and they swabbed my Ping. They were nice, too, mostly out of fear of offending me, I think. I carry a letter in my glucometer case saying I am diabetic and need needles, insulin, etc., but no one’s ever asked to see it.

You may want to read this:

From now on, pat-downs in the U.S. will be conducted using the fronts of the hand (palm-side) instead of the backs of the hands.

Another piece of advice: I downloaded the user manual in PDF and I keep a copy of it on a thumb drive in my diabetes kit. That way, I have all my instructions with me in case anything goes wrong, but I don’t have to carry a heavy book around.

HFXNS - Thanks for the tip about the user manual on your thumb drive. Duh - I always carry that friggin’ manual (2020) with me all the time. Where did you get the PDF file - Animas website here in Canada?
Is it true about not going thru’ the body scanner with our Animas pump? I have a few times - didn’t know it was not supposed to be done. I guess I should contact Animas on this as well (getting my holiday loaner pump next week).

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I got the user manual from the U.S. web site. The file is available here:

This is the page I found it on:

I know it’s the U.S. version, but they’re very similar.

You can walk through the metal detector wearing your Ping, but you’re not supposed to wear it in one of those backscatter x-ray machine (aka full body scanners). The manual provides more info on exposure to x-rays, magnets, etc.