Revisiting the airport scanner with pump and CGM

I know this has been discussed, but what is the latest on the new airport scanners and pumps/CGM’s? I know there was some question about going though with a pump, but I later read that was okay to do so as they are not similar to medical x-ray devices. I am flying for the first time since the introduction of them and I am wondering if I can go through with my pump as I always have? Who with a pump or CGM has flown recently and what was your experience?

From what I understand any medical device attached to your person now requires an enhanced pat down. Don’t matter if you are selected for x-ray or backscatter. The only way to get around it is to detach and reinsert a new cgm/infusion set after you get through security.

This is hearsay not my experience.

Our Animas sales rep, who wears a Ping Animas pump, told me that she detaches the infusion set. hands the pump to the TSA agent to be swabbed or whatever but pump does not go through X-Ray machine, she goes through the scanner or X-Ray & then reconnects on the other side, going through with the Infusion set still in her body. I didn’t ask what she does with her Dexcom as I don’t use one. She flies a lot.

I went through with mine on, no problem. The pocket where my pump was was patted down, but that was it. But this is specifically NOT recommended by any pump manufacturer and you do so at your own risk. If they allow you to hand them the pump and do the explosive screen then that is probably the safest.

I just flew last month and I just threw my PDM in the bin and walked through the metal detector. Since I didn’t set it off, I didn’t have to go threw the body scanner or a pat down. I also didn’t disclose that I was wearing the Omnipod.;o).

I’ve been on 8 flights in the last month since I got my pump. This has been my experience:
If I set off the metal detector (usually do) I get the pat down and the chemical swab test on my hands
If I don’t set off the detector I just have the chemical swab.
One time I was in a big hurry and unhooked the metal clip, threw the pump in my bra and made it through without having to do anything… :slight_smile:
My understanding is that you’re not supposed to go through the body scanner… so you might have to get a pat down anyway depending on the airport. It’s a pain but I don’t want to unhook.
Just give yourself extra time, have a letter from your doc just in case (although I’ve never needed one).
I haven’t had any issues with the radio (?) connectivity between my pump and glucometer meter remote (I have the Animas ping).
Have a safe flight!