Airport Travel w/ Pump

Hi, I was recently put through additional airport screening when the security agent manning the walk through scan at security SAW my pump clipped onto my waistband. This happened at PHX international–the TSA were very polite, but told me that when walking through the scanner, if the agent can SEE your insulin pump, they are required to do an additional screening (pat down, etc). Some (less efficient) airports may be less strict abt this regulation, but unless you have time to spare for a pat down!, it might be a good idea to keep your pump out of sight when going through the scanner.

it’s gotten a lot better but i travel a lot and if i’m in a rush i’ll take my pump off and throw it in my carry-on bag then re-attach after i clear security. that always works. but … here’s the ironry - i work at the white house and never once has my pump set off the magnetometer. i always breeze through. go figure.

:slight_smile: …i always mention that i’m wearing a pump and get a an “ok” and breeze through the scanner.

I’ve used both methods - either disconnect and throw it in the bin or tell the scanner it’s an insulin pump and I can’t disconnect it without taking my pants off. In the latter case they just swab the pump, but I haven’t been pulled aside.

DCReporter - do you suppose the Salahi’s were wearing insulin pumps? Maybe that’s how they did it!!!


My pump frequently sets off the alarm. I skip the scan and ask for the pat down. After all, you are supposed to be there a couple of hours before takeoff anyway.

I refuse to put my insulin pump in the xray machine - i don’t trust the machine with my pump.

Oh, maybe…just passing along what TSA told me at PHX airport. best, lori

i’ve had anywhere from “put your cell phone on the xray belt” (not knowing what an “insulin pump” was) to the screener telling me to put it in my pocket and walk through the metal detector, to the screener patting it with a paper disc then running the paper disc through a machine (to check for explosives residue, i assume)

Yea I would frown against putting my pump through the xray, even if it doesn’t harm it…I still don’t want some random person potentially touching/messing with it. I’ve only been outted once when traveling, always keep it in my pocket, and it was a breeze(just mentioned what it was an they waved me through).

Susan: what pump are you using that sets off the alarm? I’m amazed that it would do that, as most pumps are pretty much all plastic except for a few minor pieces.

I’ve walked through security many times with my OmniPod visible on my arm (I usually wear short sleeves when traveling just in case). It’s never set off the alarm, nor have I been questioned about it. Maybe they think it’s a nicotine patch? ::shrugs::

I travelled recently and had no problems, all I did was mention I had a pump and they waved me through.

Last time I was there I got this treatment - usually they just wave you through, but apparently diabetics are the new default terrorist suspects.

I recently went through airport security for the first time in Toronto with my pump. I was so nervous about going through the screening process with all the infusion sets and sharps and two pump (one backup), that I forgot to take the clip off the pump. The clip on the Animas is metal and will set off the metal detector. They checked me with the wand for what seems like 5 minutes. Then they did the explosive residue test and let me go.

To my surprise, the pump and suppliers where the least of my worries. My wife and I had two inflatable PFDs (life jackets) and we got stuck having to explain that we were allowed to bring these items on board for 40 minutes. We ended up just making it in time to catch our flight.

I too had such an experience… I had an oPod on near my rear on my leg. (strange place, but I recommend it!) It was the first time I’d been thru with an oPod (MM the other times with minimal issues). I set off the alarm, couldn’t think what it might be besides my Opod (btw the Pods are not much other than plastic on the inside too), so I told the screener I was wearing an insulin pump. (then I realized I had a belt on!) anywho, she requested a pat down, the officers who did the pat down said that it was not necessary at all and to not mention the pump next time. (this was at STL, SW terminal, so there was minimal chaos).

I always toss my pump into my purse or bag. always always always. I hate stopping for anyone. It’s so annoying.

Animas specifically staes to not send the pump through the x-ray on the belt and to not wear it into the scanners. My Animas 2020 always sets off the alarms at all airports I have visitied - whether or not I am using it ith the metal clip. So I just plan for a few extra minutes for a pat down. TSA has never checked it for explosives…

When I went on a short term missions trip to Honduras, I never had any trouble with my insulin pump. In La Ceiba airport on the trip back they were extremely concerned about my insulin and syringes and confiscated them while I flew and then returned them to me when I stepped off the plane. they were very polite and explained to me where my insulin and syringes would be and if I needed them during the flight (only 20 minutes) I could ask for them. They must have thought I was going to run around injecting everyone with insulin. Otherwise, I have never had any problems with my pump or supplies.

I’m the same as you… I always ask for a hand-scan of my insulin and supplies…

you know… its not like we could spare it for a bomb anyways!

This is more of a question not related to airline travel. I just got a summons to appear for US jury duty and the rules say no phones, beepers, pagers, etc. I am sure I will have to declare I have an insulin pump and will have to go through a metal detector. Do I have to take it off before I go through the detector? I have a MM722. I did take it off for dental xrays last week. Maybe someone in the group can answer this. Sorry if this question is redundant.