I will be flying fort the first time with my pod and CGM. Advice? Thoughts? What do I need to know? Thank you

Last time we flew it was not a big deal.

TSA agents were professional and nice.

We sent all supplies in our carry-ons through the XRay machine same as everybody else. We had excessive liquids as we were bringing about eight of the 6-ounce juiceboxes in case of any low BG. Explained they were related to Medical Condition of Diabetes to treat Low BG as necessary. Also went through standard full body scanner with pump and cgm transmitter still on body.

Obviously the pump shows up on the body scanner. TSA then requested additional screening.

TSA never asked for pump removal and very specifically did not want to hold or touch the pump. They asked for the wearer of the pump to use a swab cloth and wipe over the face of the pump and the swap was then put into the TSA machine to check for “issues”. Obviously no “issues”. Professional full body pat-down was down. Gender-matched TSA using back of hand and politely explaining what was being done as it went.

We arrived about an hour before we otherwise would have considered appropriate in case there were any delays in security due to our situation. The extra time made it all more relaxing. Once on the other side of security picked a spot, got some food and just chilled until boarding time.

Note that all of our supplies were in our carry-on and personal item bags. On the off-chance for any lost luggage, we did not put any supplies in the checked luggage.


Keep it simple - 1) Put all your diabetic hardware such as sensors, CGM receiver, etc in a plastic bag and then put entire plastic bag in coin tray and hand to TSA agent with request to not put through x-ray. (If those go through x-ray should be OK but better safe than sorry as manufacturers advise against x-ray due to lack of testing)
2) Request to opt out of full body scanner. Just tell TSA you are diabetic and have non-removable medical items on body. They will then just do a full body pat down. Going through old style x-ray machine is OK -full body scanner is not and has screwed up diabetic equipment.

Always keep enough supplies in your purse or personal item to get you through a couple of days in case your carry on gets gate checked. I keep all of my diabetes supplies in their own bag so that it will be a medical only bag that you are allowed to take in cabin with you in addition to your personal item and carry on.