Follow up to Control, Control, Control

I love you guys,

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post Why I harp on my clients about control, control, control and because there was such excellent dialogue and ideas, I wanted to expound a hair.

Just to make sure you are getting which insurance I was talking about, this is from the perspective of life insurance not health insurance. And Scott Strumello you hit the nail on the head when I said control. The life insurance industry had their ability to contest insurance policies reduced to 2 years in all states and 1 year in several and further limited to only things that were materially misrepresented. Since then, they have had to focus on the science of life insurance and this year we got our first cases of Preferred diabetic clients.

But Scott brought something up that I think we all need to keep our elected representatives held to task over, and that is Health insurance providers need to be held accountable to the science of insurance and not the economics. And I personally feel that their are certain industries that don’t need to have profit as their primary goal. The Health industry needs to have HEALTH as its focus. Dargirl and Nel, I would go as far as to say that certain chronic diseases should be exempt from statistical observation. That would put the burden on the health insurance industry to get them as healthy as possible, as quick as possible. Boy that sounded foreign to the US health insurance system.

Kathyann their not blaming, but this is the 300 pound gorilla in the room. If we can show good control, he doesn’t affect the underwriting. But private pilots have to do the same thing. They have different levels of proficiency that result in different levels of risk. Student pilot, then visual flight rating, then instrument rating on up. All I meant to illustrate was the 300 pound gorilla. Now let’s show him the door.

In my experience, most primary care physicians give a similar answer when treating diabetes, diet, exercise and take these meds. On rare occasions I’ve had one that was exceptional and really dialed the type of program Kelly Rawlins discussed up for their patient. But for the diabetics that ask my advice I really recommend a good endocrinologist who can take the time to differentiate between lifestyle and metabolism. Who follows up with prescriptions to make sure they are as good as he was hoping. If not then body chemistry suggests something else. And to set realistic interim goals, but lofty lifetime goals.

Because Betty J, your not a diabetic. Your a wonderful person who lives an exceptional life. And I’m sure I’m not the first, but keep doing what you are doing. Fifty years as a healthy person, that is saying something no matter what, I’m glad you’re here.

Thanks everybody,