Food Food Glorious Food Nothing Quite like It

I love food
I love to cook it
I love to eat it
Love to share it.

I’ve always been interested in food, health, and fitness.

Not that I eat super healthy though. I’m a vegetarian that does not drink or smoke, but oh how I love chocolate.

What, might you say does this have to do with diabetes?

Our children alreaedy had healthy diets before my son became diabetic. We did not have to make as many changes to our eating habits as some may have. BUT still I feel a great responsibility to provide my son with the best possible chance of a normal healthy life.

I believe strongly that food, laughter, fresh air and adequate sleep are key to staying healthy

So in my quest to provide my family with good nutritious, and most important tasty, food I gave up my job. I have spent the last six weeks glued to my computer organizing my recipes and converting measurements to weights. My goal is to be able to see at a glance what carbohydrate, types of fats, fiber and salt my family are eating

From there I can adjust the recipes to make them healthier

Excessive you might think? Hmmmmmmm…? Yes could just be!!

Once I’m done with all my other recipes adding new ones will be easy. I Will not have to feed my son pre-pack food if I want to know how may carbs he is eating.

Some days I wish that I could live atop a mountain with some primitive tribe and not have the temptation of bad food! Side tracking…

… Getting back on topic now our son has diabetes it has caused a whole new focus on food, each
day I try to maintain a balance between eating well and enjoying food.

Has anyone got thoughts about how you felt about food before you/loved one became diabetic and how you thought about food after that you would like to comment on?

ALL comments welcome. Feel free to challenge my thinking on food as well!

Vonda K