Food Poisoning and Low Blood Sugar

So I went to lunch with my husband on Saturday and we got Food Poisoning. Knocked us on our butts for two and half days. I barely ate more than soup on Sunday and Monday night. I kept checking my blood sugars and treated with juice when needed. ANYWAY, on Tuesday morning my BS PLUMMETTED (sp?). By the time my husband had me able to test (and minutes before he was going to call 911), my reading was showing up as 34 and this was AFTER a box and a half of apple juice and some grapes. I FINALLY got it up to 85 and then 112 and was coherent and able to speak after I was talking like a drunk and couldn’t stand. Needless to say my husband called my office and I was late into work (and my husband drove, he didn’t want me behind the wheel understandably). ARGH!!! By the way, Monday was my Birthday (nice right!)
I HATE losing control like that! Anyone else out there experience something similar? How did you deal?

My BG is always high on sick days, regardless of whether I eat/drink or not. I had food poisoning once too and I feel your pain. It is the worst sick I think that there is. I am glad you are better though.

I had food poisoning years ago & thought I was going to die lying on the bathroom floor. This was before I diagnosed. Sorry for the horrible scare! Happy you’re back to normal.

P.S.–Happy belated birthday! You need a real celebration now.

Holly/Gerri: Thanks for the good wishes! I am better (and you better believe I need that real celebration Gerri!, some time soon)…Now I’m just scared to eat (so far so good)…but it doesn’t help the BS stay regulated…Onward and upward I suppose! (eeew…my husband said that’s all I could say when my BS dropped, “I suppose”, something I NEVER say…until now!) LOL! :o)

Can completely understand being scared to eat. I remember thinking that I never wanted to eat again. Wanted somone to shoot me to put me out of my misery. It was French onion soup in a restaurant that did me in. Don’t have to tell you that I can’t even look at that any more:)

I don’t even want to know the stupid things I’ve said when low. I do know that I recently tried to make a phone call using the TV remote–how’s that for loopy!

Sounds like you have a very sweet & supportive hubby.

Gerri, for us (we think) it was the Tuna Terragon Salad (bad mayo?) which WAS one of our favorites at this place…disappointing. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive husband, of course NEITHER ONE OF US wants anything to do with food but we ARE eating (getting back into the swing of things). I guess what made me most upset was the timing of it all…The holidays and everything. Won’t be eating tuna of any kind any time soon…

Taking the good with the bad these days…2009 will be better! (right?) :o)

Ugh, bad mayo or tuna. Don’t know what you did, but I called the restaurant to let them know. Of course, that was after I could actually keep my head up. I merely wanted to alert them so no one else would get sick, but they were nasty to me. Told me that I couldn’t prove it was their soup. Told them if they had been in my bathroom, they’d know with certainty it was their soup.

Yes, 2009 will be better!

We didn’t call…we probably should have. It’s been a week Saturday (don’t know if that’s too long to wait)…It was one of our favorite places to go for lunch too…Like you, I hope no one else suffered the way we did. We may call the beginning of the week…not sure yet.