Being Low and Alone

tell your story.

I think I told mine in a few other threads but here it goes.

It was 3 years ago, the night before I had gone to walmart to shop for some food and decided I was going to have a big breakfast the next day. (this was back when I was on MDI) all my roommates were out of town and I was left in the apartment alone for the weekend, which was awesome fun because I had full reign over everything. anyway I guess after I went shopping, I went back to the apartment and went to sleep. The next day I woke up, went to the kitchen looked at the clock and thought it said that it was 9 AM so I started making my breakfast (I didn’t test my blood, I was in that zone of, must eat.) about an hour after I made the breakfast and ate I realized I hadn’t tested yet. Going into my room I pulled out my kit and did a test my BG was 45 and that was after I had orange juice, eggs, hash browns, and sausage. I was shocked. I went back into the kitchen looked at the clock and saw that the clock read at 12:30 PM I guess I either ate slowly or cooked slowly because I realized I was not going to make it to the first half of my last class. It scared me that I woke up not knowing what my BG was and being able to cook without killing myself and after eating still being at an extremely low number. someone must love me to keep me alive.

That is amazing. I too, feel fortunate like you.
I woke up once in the middle of the night sweating profusely and shaking. I couldn’t get up. I have some Lifesavers on my nightstand and I reached over and ate a few and waited until I recovered. I am so glad I take my stash out of my jeans (or pants) pocket every night and place them there. I carry them in my pocket for that type of emergency.
But it kind of bothered me because I had been taking 2 antibiotics for a foot injury and I had just told the doctor I had a few meals where I didn’t need insulin. She told me it was not possible so I took the insulin as she instructed. I have never have that happen before or since. I should have trusted my instincts because look at what happened.

I have lived alone for many years, and yes, I even keep little tupperwares of glucose tabs on the floor because there have been a couple of times when I could not walk but could crawl.
My scariest hypo took place during a freezing Minnesota winter. We’d had a special lunch at work so instread of taking my usual 4 units to cover lunch, I took 10. Before I left to go home, I was at 134, perfect for that time of day. But I had forgotten that I still had a bunch of extra insulin on board. I got off the bus and decided to stop at the grocery store. By then I knew I was crashing and could have easily gotten a coke and sat in their nice little waiting area until I came back up. But no, I wanted to get home - the temp was already below zero, the wind was picking up and we’d had freeezing rain the day before and the sidewalks were glazed… Home wa 4 blocks away. And I don’t know how I got there. I remember taking my mittens off on the street to test, and no blood coming out due to the temperature. I guess I put them back on. Don’t know how I got my keys out of my purse, how I opened the security door to my condo building, or the door to my unit. I only remember drinking about a cup- of maple syrup and a lot of it spilling down my coat. It wasn’t until about 9:30 that night that I was fullly cognizant, and my bg was 545.
Sheesh. I could have easily fallen on the ice. It was dark out and most people were inside, so maybe no one would have found me until it was too late. I could have broken something. I could have been a sugar-free popsicle within an hour.
Yes, we do have special angels watching out for us. I am thankful for them every day

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Hey neighbor, you are correct about our special angels!
I know about those Minnesota winters! Last winter my husband beached the truck in the 3+ feet of snow that drifted into our driveway and I told him I would dig it out while he was gone. And I did, for hours! I felt good, had a hearty breakfast and was prepared for it, so I thought. After awhile I started to feel a bit tired so I figured it was time to go in and replenish. My body was used to the temperature (which I think was around 10 so it was actually a rather warm winter day) and I felt quite comfortable otherwise.
I swear to you, the SECOND I walked into the door, I started to sweat and shake. It took everything I had to walk upstairs to my supplies. My BG was 52. I had half a Coke and waited to recover. It was unreal how quickly that came on.
But you can bet I was out that afternoon finishing the job. Can’t leave something like that unfinished in the winter here. And you know, if I recall correctly, the next day I was shoveling just as much snow out of the driveway again. But at least this time it didn’t have a truck on top!

Every parent’s nightmare! Glad you are okay. Wonder what your blood sugar was before all that food? Lucky you can cook in your sleep…

I know. I bet I was at least 20 or so. I don’t know if my parents even heard this story yet or not. I don’t remember if I ever told them about it.

i dont recall what or why it came on. home alone about 7 years ago… i was prone to hypo seizures, so i started cramming nutrigrain bars down my throat and called 911 & went and layed on the front lawn until an EMT got there. i think i was 50 when they got to me.