Food-u-cation & other fun info

Ok, so I learned something new last night. I actually already know how to eat for a relatively calm blood sugar. I know I'm not diabetic yet, but I also know there's a good chance I will be. Because of that, and for work reasons, I went to a Pump Support Group with one of my volunteers. I did it for the experience above all else.

Somewhere during the course of the program, we started talking about the metabolism of different groups of foods - proteins vs. carbs vs. fats vs. fiber, and how quickly and dramatically these foods changed your blood sugars. After playing the mix & match game for a little while, I noticed that it wasn't all to dissimilar from when I used to lift weights on a regular basis. Nor was it different from preparing to undergo some sort of exercise for a long period of time. The basic rule being that if you keep your meals a nice mix of carbs, protein, fiber, etc., you'll end up steady for a longer time (no spikes). Apparently it also has an effect on satiety. Something to remember at lunch when 3pm comes with a growling belly.

Now on to other news. Thanks to Amy over at, you can get a free d-book from Bayer. Just follow the link, fill out the form, and in 4-6 weeks it will be yours. Gotta love the internet for viral marketing. If you order it, enjoy!