Sweet Life: Diabetes Without Boundaries

Has anyone read this book? Any opinions? A friend told me about it on Facebook and it looks interesting. There's an interview with the author, Sam Talbot (Top Chef TV show contestant and person with diabetes), on Epicurious.com.

Hey Emily.

Hope you are well.

I have just got a copy on my Kindle, I will give it a read and let you know what I think.

I have just finished a book called called "Diabetes Rising", it was AMAZING and I implore everyone on this site to read it..

Interesting written by a chef with diabetes. Though it's trendy right now, I don't agree with his alkaline theory. All food leaves the stomach acidic from gastric digestive juices & then is made alkaline by bile. Eating or not eating certain foods won't change blood pH. When I see pseudo science like that, makes me question the validity of other his other diabetic dietary suggestions. He's probably a low fat fan from the mention of egg while omeletes.

We do have diabetic boundaries,or should. Know that gets people super defensive & it's hard to accept.

Yes, Diabetes Rising is a great book. Lots of "theory" but well laid out and I like how he presents many different sides/opinions and clearly delineates between T1D and T2D (not something done consistently in many books, but the author is a type 1 after all). I had heard the author speak on NPR a couple of years ago and laughed my butt off when he described living with T1D (and trying to keep blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible) as meaning that we are always just "one cupcake away from a coma."

Interesting written by a chef with diabetes.

I'd add the words "Yet another" as a prefix.

We've just had one published here locally by a chef with diabetes; a skim through the very expensive glossy pages in the bookstore showed an over-abundance of carbs and no nutrition/carb counts for the recipes.

Long ago I wrote this:

All the magazines I have read on diabetes were only suitable for one thing and they were too glossy to be much use for that. The same applies to all "Diabetes” recipe books and magazines. If you need a recipe book, look for a low-carbohydrate recipe book, not a diabetes recipe book.

I have not read any "diabetic" magazines or cook-books by chefs (with or without diabetes) that have changed my mind since.

I'll look forward to Emily's report. Maybe "Diabetes Without Boundaries" will be the first.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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I read Diabetes Rising a while ago, too. Loved it, and need to look through again. Thanks for the reminder! Buckley, want to write a book review about it on TD? I;m sure lots of people would have their own reviews to add, and others would be glad for the recommendation. :)

Amen to that, Alan!! I absolutely agree 100% that most (if not all) "diabetic" magazines and cookbooks are useless...the focus on "low/no sugar"...boy, do they ever need an education!! Obviously haven't spoken to too many diabetics about recipes....

Jules (T2)

Looks like an interesting read and the philosphy sounds intriguing. I'm too much of a food rut person these days and have probably made about 1% of the recipes in the cookbooks we already have. Still, it seems to list G of Carb which would be handy? I recall liking Sam on Top Chef. I don't recall exactly which season he was on though, the one with Spike?

I had a look inside: http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Life-Diabetes-without-Boundaries/dp/1605290955#reader_B005SHWMHO

Interesting; obviously the loss that he feels was a bit unfair on the TV show rankles still. I note that he is type 1, so read it with that in mind.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

Someone read this thing a write a review!! I'm interested, but already have several books awaiting my attention... Alan? Got any spare time?

I don't own the book and I'm unlikely to buy it. I'll await others.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.

I just read it! I really liked it. I felt that he had a realistic and balanced approach to formulating diabetes friendly recipes. He focuses on whole foods, and combines wonderful flavor profiles. I used 4 recipes from it!

Thanks for the informed review!

Does he include carb counts/nutritional information?

Yes, Talbot includes carb/nutritional info, but portion sizes are vague. (Annoying!) Overall these are low-moderate carb recipes: 10-35g per recipe.
Recipes feature unusual flavor combos.