Foot blister! ahhh!

I ran a 2 hour run today and now i have this painful, burning blister on the bottom of my foot, its so sore and I can hardly walk ugh… is it something to worry about? I rarely have blood sugars over 140, and I don’t have any foot complications or anything…but still if anything ever happens to my feet I get slightly freaked out… what should i do to help it heal?

Mine doesn’t sound as serious, but I just got a nice one on my heal. Was thinking whether I should drain it or let it heal naturally. I would like to reduce the chance of infection.

It sounds harmless enough; you could just put some neosporin on it and cover it a bandaid. But, here’s a serious reality check - this is the sort of thing that spirals out of control for some diabetics. This is how bone infections start. Please call your doctor.

eek scary! okay thanks guys!

watch for any sign of infection. I do not know your diabetic history or condition, but the biggest concern is if you cannot feel it. Form you description you can feel it. i do strongly suggest you look into the cause of the blister. Maybe a better shoe, better socks etc. No need to invite issues.

Right now it doe snot seem like you have a real issue. do the neo, band aide, and watch it.

rick phillips

If the blister or the edges around it get red, call your doctor ASAP. My former physician advised me against neosporin, but to use polysporin. Ask your pharmacist about this… Keep it covered as well.

David - some folks are allergic to neosporin but not polysporin. If you’ve used neo in the past, you should be fine.

I was going to post same as Rick as far as shoe condition is concerned …you did 2 hours …about 18 K ( equals …miles ) ?? How many K’s have you used same running shoes ? The recommended usage time for a pair of runners is about 500-800k .Getting proper foot ware, while running/walking most important .
Are you healing ?

How’s the blister doing Jill?

hey guys its almost healed woohoo no problems haha, I followed what you said and just kept it clean and stuff, thanks alot!