Foot Lotion treatments and so on

My podiatrist says to use Eucerin, I guess thats his favorite flavor. He is always telling me my feet are too dry and to be more aggressive. I lotion them faithfully once a day. The last time I was in I was told to put plastic bags over my feet with the lotion and go to bed so I would really get soft feet. I am sorry I cant sleep with plastic bags on my feet with slimy lotion.

What ideas do you guys have for dry feet? Maybe I need to change lotion.

Sometimes socks do the trick - I agree plastic slime feet sound awful!

I like Eucerin, too. In cool weather, I first get my feet wet (I do not soak them), then put on the Eucerin, then lightweight white socks, then bed.

No socks at night in the summer, so I use Aveeno Lotion after a shower and let it go at that.

You might try using the lotion twice a day for a while until the dryness clears up. Don’t give up–it takes a while.

Thanks guys. I will try the socks this winter and give a 2nd treatment. See if that helps

I use lotion ( any hand type ) in the morning before putting on my sox also at nite. I do wear sox in the winter. My feet have remained soft for the past 11 years.

I had a 2 year battle to save my leg that started from dry cracked skin. The wound center that I went to recommended something called Elta Swiss Moisturizing Creme. I haven’t had dry skin since I started using that. My phamacy doesn’t carry it but they order it for me.

A podiatrist I used to go to told me to use Saran Wrap - that does work but I haven’t had to do that since I started using the Elta.

Thank you so much Kelly!

I am going to try that Elta for sure. I found their web site. Thanks again for the tip. The stuff I tried doesn’t seem to do alot. I guess everyone is different.

I would ask your pharmacy first if they will order it for you - it would save you from paying shipping charges. I get the one pound container for about $25 and it seems to last about 5-6 months, so it looks more expensive than it really is!

You are right, we are all different and just becasue something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another. Luckily, the nurses at the wound center gave me a sample to try before I ordered it.

I have a foot spa, and I’ve started soaking my feet for 10-15 minutes, with warm water, and a touch of olive oil… works wonders. :slight_smile: