Dry Heels

I suffer from dry calloused heels. I live in Wisconsin where it is cold outside and very dry indoors. Just shy of seeing a podiatrist does anyone have any magic tricks up their sleeve to reduce the callouses and soften up my heels?

Try Eucerin lotion before bed, with socks on over it.

I recommend using urea cream- this will break down that tough dry skin- you need 40-50% urea. Keralac is one of the rx which may not be covered and topix urix 40 urea cream over the counter at amazon is around $28. I started this 2 weeks ago, samples of keralac from my dermatologist and ordered the topix/urix. I had two dry patches on the sides of my feet which are pretty much gone already.

I also did some mild exfoliation as per my podiatrist's advice with an exfoliation block but that did cause a bit of irritation so I don't plan to do that more than once per month if needed. I also put my own balm with bees wax, shea butter and coconut oil + vitamin e on on top of the urea lotions and then put sox on.

Never go bare foot, get rid of the flip-flops. I tried all kinds of lotion and until I started wearing enclosed shoes (always), even in the summer, I had no success. I can uncover my feet for just a month and problem will return.

I use a heel and callus balm. Any brand works. I use it on my feet every night before bed and cover them with socks. After a few days, the roughness is gone.

Another ointment that works is Aquaphor. Actually it works for just about anything really. Rough knees, elbows, heels, etc.

Good luck

John, thank you for your comment. I haven’t gone bare foot since I was a youngster.

Too hot for socks? Try cutting off the toe section of the sock. Then slather with your creams.