Foot Pain

I could use some help in trying to figure out how to deal with my foot pain., numbness, shooting pain ect ect. The more I am into this diaseae the more I have come to conculde that at least 90 percent of what I need to know, I have to find out on my own! There is so much info out there, I get lost sometimes, I am only 5 months in! I went a podiatrist and he was not at all helpful to me, any suggestions?

I have neuropathy in my feet and my neurologist ended up giving me lidoderm patches. They are adhesives patches soaked in lidocaine. You put them on the area for 12 hours and then 12 hours off. They work good for me. I also take 1200 mgs of neurontin 3 times a day as well as 25 mgs of elavil for it.

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Many people with Type 2 report that if they can get their post-meal blood sugar under 140 mg/dl and keep it there, they experience great relief from neuropathic pain.

Other people also find Alpha Lipoic Acid very helpful in fairly large doses.

I love your butterfly picture. Did you take it?

Here’s a butterfly photo I took on my back deck last summer that I uploaded to Tudiabetes. The comment thing won’t seem to embed it so here’s a link :here.

Oh forgot to add that my neurologist also used a new treatment called anodyne therapy which is infrared light and has been proven to help with neuropathy, it gave me 95% feeling back in my feet but I still have the occasional pain/numbness so my Dr. decided to keep me on the medications and every 3 months I can go back and get the anodyne treatment done again.

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Thanks so much for the info, I am really finding out a lot of information here! Appreciated it greatly!
Yes, I did take that picture in my back yard! Love your pic of the butterfly, thanks!

Hey Laura, My name is Melissa i have type 1 diabeties sice March 94. About a year ago i started seeing a local podiatrist. For planter facilitis in both feet.I sleep with ice packs on the at times when it is really bad. Last Aug i went to have my right plantis faciltis realease. They sugery went well but it only about 60% better and i still have to have the other one done at some put.He was AMAZING! AT Least its that much better i would not have to any other way. I have been also experciceing numbess and tingling in both feet. He is aware of this. And will keep close eye on this issue. My lat a1c was 6,5 i hope to lower whwn i get on the pump to delay any more complications.I hope to go back to college and get a degree so i can help others with diabeties. Take care Melissa. ps if you ever need meds/ injections watch them they elevate your blood sugars

Thaks for sharing the info Melissa!
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I have been a T2 since Dec. 07 and noticed that when I kept my BG down low, the foot pain / numbness also got less. I have no problems keeping my pre-lunch or pre-dinner or post meals below 100. I am working on getting my fasting in the 65-99 range.

I wear birkenstock clogs during the daytime and sandals at home. Try that.

Thanks for the infor Dirk! It seems like we are always working on keeping our numbers low! Keep up the good work!
I too love my birkee’s! I am also a huge fan of crocs!
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Crocs have done amazing things for my feet. I was wearing these orthopedic inserts a surgeon had given me, since I’d developed tarsal tunnel syndrome (like carpal tunnel but in your feet). I started wearing crocs to garden, and next thing I knew my feet were fine after years of not fine.

I’m wearing them with socks in a New England winter, which tells you how much I love them. I only wear boots right after a snow.

Another supplement I saw recommended for diabetic neuropathy by someone who is a long-term poster on and credible is benfotiamine. It is a special form of Vitamin B1. Several insulin users on Dr. Bernstein’s forum were also enthusiastic about it. There are some research studies about it, too, so it isn’t a crank cure. I haven’t tried it myself, but I don’t have diabetic neuropathy.

Here’s a technical look at why Benfo and ALA might work. You have to sign into Medscape to read it. Medscape is free and occasionally has useful stuff.