Diabetic Neuropathy and Foot Pain Questions

I have been having painful, swollen and tingly feet, hands and legs for months and I’m thinking I might have diabetic neuropathy. I showed my doctor a few weeks ago and she just wanted me to take anti-inflamatories. Now, when I try to take a bath my feet hurt sooo bad that I have to get out. I’m not taking hot baths, actually been testing different temps and still even luke-warm baths make my feet sting. I have not been diagnosed with neuropathy, just been doing some investigating. Anyone have the same problems or suggestions on what it might be. So far I have just eliminated baths and stuck to showers. Thank you

It sounds like neuropathy to me, and a very good reason to do everything you can to get your blood sugars down to a healthy level. The neuropathy should improve at that point.

Thank you guys for the input, I never even thought about going to a foot doctor. I have problems with my spine and hips so I always dismiss my symptoms as related to that and think I just have to live with it. My husband takes neurontin for his nerve pain in his leg and foot, and has been telling me for months that I should be on it. I guess after reading that you feel like you are walking on a rock I should’nt feel so bad that my right foot feels like I’m walking on thick padding. It just feels wierd.

I hope that you can get your sugars under better control. I remember about 10 years ago, I had Neuropathy in my left foot. I was concerned about the middle toe and a patch on my sole being numb. Then I started getting pains in my foot when I went to sleep. I got scared.

I turned that around and got ny sugars under better control again. Now both of my feet are Fine. I wish you Much Luck Kristy. It’s Well worth it. Feel better.

Thank you for the encouragement. I really thought that It wouldn’t get better, but now I have hope that I can do something about it. Did the numbness go away when your sugars got better?

Firstly, as Debb suggested, you have to get diagnosed to make sure it isn’t some other condition. Some diseases mimic others. You want to make sure that you are on the right track. Of course, getting your sugars under control can only help you in the long run with any disease.

Some Diabetics whose Neuropathy was worse than mine said they had more pain for a while, as it is healing. But then it starts to lessen. Also some were too far gone, so they only had minimal Neuropathy reversal. But they were Happy with some anyways.

Yes, my Neuropathy is totally gone and I will not lose control of my sugars again. You’re Welcome!

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About a year ago I started having a lot of pain in my feet and thought it was neuropathy. I finally went to a podiatrist and found out I actually have Morton’s neuromas - pinched nerves. I got orthotics and a couple of steroid injections, which were very painful at the time but did a lot in relieving the pain and swelling. (Yes, they did affect my blood sugar even though everyone from the nurse to the doctor himself said I would only see a slight rise in bg.) He assures me this condition is separate from D, but I can tell when my bg is elevated through my feet. They ache and feel heavy.

The other thing that has helped quite a bit is the work of a wonderful shiatzu therapist. She gets into all the nooks and crannies between the bones and works out the tension and improves the circulation. Personally, I think she has saved my feet. The neuromas seem to be improving.

Good luck in a good doctor who will help you find the solution that works for you.

what i get is arm pain, upper arm pain, my mother suffered from it too, my feet are fine

I have foot pain caused from neuropathy (just got diagnosed in January, and no idea how long I was diabetic up to that point so I’m sure it did some damage to the nerves) and I also have collapsed arches in my feet. My foot specialist is also a diabetic so he’s really good at helping people like me out with these problems. I’m getting molded inserts for my shoes and I’m taking gabapentin 3 times a day. I just started that about two weeks ago - so far it’s helping. I also hear that the more you get your sugar under control the better off you’ll be regarding the pain. I’m also taking alpha lipoic acid (health food store) which is supposed to be excellent for these issues. Be well, peace.

Jesse, I have collapsed arches too, and I think that is what my doctor thinks is wrong with my feet. I’m glad I came on here to get more ideas, on what it might be. Man, Diabetes is so complicated!!! I had my numbers so good until a few weeks ago makes me mad at myself that I’ve slipped…I’ll see about the alpha lipoic acid too. Thanks

I have severe neuropathy in both my feet. It hurts, burns, stings is numb and very painful all at the same time. Some people compare it to the feeling you have when your feet fall asleep, NO! Not even close (for me). MUCH more painful. I am trying to keep my numbers down but it’s hard. I love food! I can feel my feet beginning to hurt just minutes after I cheat. This should be a life lesson but I guess I am still learning.
I take a supplement called NeuropathyRX for my pain as well as Lyrica and Cymbalta. The supplement is supposed to help repair the damaged nerves where as the other meds are just for the pain.

Autumn, I have really terrible pain in my feet too…it mirrors your foot pain. I have an appointment with my doctor and I’m going to tell her all the ideas I got from you guys. Not that I wish this horrible pain on anyone else, I am very glad to see I’m not alone. I have gotten my numbers back into a better range and the symptoms are getting better. That just proves to me that it is the diabetes making my feet hurt so bad. I love food too! I’m so depressed that I have to make conscious choices about what I eat now. I know I should have been doing it all along, but it still sucks!

Hi thereI hope you get my message.I am a diabetic who was misdiagnosed and I only finally got the help I need but it was a little late.I have balanced my blood sugar very well but I have neoropathy issues for two minths and I am only starting to sleep at night and I have to take sleepy tea and 100mgs of lyrica to do this.I go biking alot cause its easier on my feet cause walking is tough i can usually handle about 20mins to 30 for this.I have never felt so much pain it unbeleivable the burning,stabbing,searing pain and mostly at night when I need my sleep.I have to wait till I am tired enough and then I can fall asleep.I am getting better because my sugar levels are good and thats where I needed to start.I suggest you go to a specialist and hope you have a good family doctor mine is bad and I had to put myself in the hospital twice to get help.Don’t let this fester be sure what it is it could be a nutrient deficancy be test first and don;t go through the pain it is brutal.good luck all the best. D.M

I too have been having tingly feet and legs below the knee especially at night. My doctor just checked me for neuropathy and because I passed her test of feeling all my toes when pricked she said it was NOT diabetic neuropathy but I’m just not so sure. I certainly don’t want it to be neuropathy but what else could it be? My last A1C was 7.1 and stays right around 7 all the time. My doc wants it down to 6. Is there anything to do for this tingling? It drives me crazy! Also, today I have had a pain in one toe that is not bone or muscle pain but seems to be the skin but no sores - nothing just pain shooting enough that I could jump off and on since before I got out of bed this morning.

I am type 2 diabetic and I am experiencing tingling, burning, and numbness in the feet, which is very painful at times and some degree of pain all the time, even when sitting, sleeping, and so forth. I have been diagnosed with neuropathy, and reading up on it. There is a nutrient supplement called Alpha Lipoic Acid (I bought some at WalGreen’s) that is supposed to help with this condition. I have been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid for a week now, and it seems to be helping to tone down the symptoms. At this early point I am not sure if it really is helping or if I am just wanting it to help. More time should tell. I thought I would mention this nutrient for the ‘what it is worth department’ for now. Maybe there is something to it, and perhaps someone else might be able to shed a little more light on this supplement.

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I appreciate your reply.
In reference to the numbness on the left side of your face; I have had that numerous times (before Diabetic Neuropathy). It would go away and no one thought anything about it. After two major TIA’s (mini strokes) that put me in the hospital for several days at a time, I take an adult aspirin once a day and each time I feel any numbness in my face (I was told not to swallow it whole, but chew it and swallow to get the aspirin into the blood system faster). Also, it was found I had a vitamin B12 deficiency.

I was diagnosed two years ago with neuropathy, it is a very complicated disease. It started with just painful feet at work and progressed very fast to my legs, hands and arms. I have used every possible anti inflammitory, and pain killer, except for morphine, nothing gives me much relief. I find swimming to help a lot and cold thrapy for the feet.

I am 52 years old, overweight/obese, and have foot sores along my shins. Doctors say this is diabetes slow progress/damage. I was told by my longtime cardiologist to loose the salt. I had a 3-way bypass due to diabetes. Does anyone have low salt soup recipes? Please send links.I get neuropathy from time to time. I know it's my sugars. Because of this site I take sugar readings 6 to 8 times a day. Otherwise Doctors just recommend 2-4 times/day.

I met a friend who can't afford to pay for his test strips...any recomendations? His Father-in-law just lost his other leg also due to Type 2 diabetes.

The input from this site and you has made a difference for me.

Merry Christmas

Good for you for testing frequently!

Is your doctor ok with you using salt substitutes? Soup without salt is terribly bland unless you use a lot of herbs, garlic & onions.

Have your friend contact his meter company, or a new meter manufacturer, for their patient assistance program. Some offer help for people who can't afford strips. There's info on their web sites. The cheapest strips are the Wal Mart ReliOn brand. 100 strips for $35 & the meter is around $9.

I have fairly severe peripheral neuropathy in my feet, as well as autonomic neuropathy, and three years ago I had amyotrophic neuropathy. I have never, however, had any pain. Reading everyone's stories, I almost feel guilty about that, and it makes me wonder because I've never read of anyone else who has no pain. My A1Cs have been 5.3 or less for 3 years. The muscle damage from the amyotrophic neuropathy has pretty much recovered, but I haven't noticed any improvement in my nerves, even with good blood sugar control. I take metformin, alpha lipoic acid, and benfotiamine, but nothing else. My gait is pretty stumbly and I have to watch my toes closely, but I'm upright and walking these days. My feet are actually pretty bony, if they swell something is up. Earlier this year I had Charcot in one foot. The podiatrist said it was because of the neuropathy. Some days it's like I woke up with someone else's feet at the end of my legs. They're certainly not the ones I grew up with.