For all members with little or no insurance , help below

Here is a compilation I found a while back that has helped me to get almost "all" of my meds for free from companys. It is in a 212Kb PDF file that can be downloaded or viewed on their site with a list of most medications and their programs to recieve them free and guide lines.

First of all credit for this goes to:

Kathryn Remer, MS. Ed., LSW
Office of Community Supports and Client Advocacy
Ohio Department of Mental Health
April 2011
for compiling this.

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patient assistance by medication listings

Hope this can help some people, it sure saved my butt.

Thank you for posting this! Not against the rules:)

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Great contribution to the community. This is apparently an official publication of the Ohio Dept of Health and can be obtained directly from their site.

This would be a good thing to add to the tudiabetes "patient assistance resources."

Thank you , just wasn't sure if we were allowed to post links to others sites.

Thak You!!! I will check it out...need the help :)

Links that aren't permitted are commercial ones where the person posting serves to financially benefit.

Thanks for taking the time to post something so useful to so many!