Medical help ---- for a couple of friends

Just to set the stage, I am a “cause” person, I care about other people and when I see a need, I jump on the wagon and make things happen.

I have a married couple, 25, with two kids, got married at 19 and are determined to make their family work. The young man has a great job, but got screwed by his company on his insurance. The young woman is a SAHM who is starting her own photography business, she is very, very talented. She is also deaf and waiting to hear about an inplant. The kids are 7 and 3…wonderful kids. But the insurance thing has left them at the mercy of the hospital here, which says they owe over $7000 for a service that started out to be $1000…the young man is working very hard to show everyone that he is taking care of his family, but they are sinking fast.

He is a type II diabetic, and has lost about 60 lbs since last January…works out at the Y; but has given up on all of that to save $$$…and has gained back at least 1/2 of his weight. Quit taking meds cause he can’t pay for them even the copay he has, if one of the kids gets sick, they have to be taken care of first. She has severe depression and panic attacks to the point of hospitalization or thoughts of suicide. And this situation hasn’t helped much.

So, my question is does anyone know of pharmacutical companies that provide free meds to people in need. I know they are out there, and I am currently on hold with several waiting to hear…but thought if there were others, we might get them help sooner. If you do, please write me and let me know so I can have the couple contact them, or I will do it myself.

thanks again, you guys are great people…go to the people who know, I say.

There is an ad I have seen on TV about free meds. They list oral meds plus Lantus and others. I believe the website is They ask a few questions to see if you would qualify (sounds like these kids definitely would). Then there is a number you call for further assistance. You might want to check it out

Manny had posted a link with a lot of resources for those who are struggling and need help getting meds:

Eli Lily has a grant program for humalog and lantus.

I don’t know how to thank you enough. We sat down this afternoon and went through these, and some sound very hopeful for help. OF course it being the weekend, we won’t know till Monday, but at least we got them started. Thanks so much.

In addition to pharm company patient assistance programs (all big pharm ones do, I believe), people should ask their docs for free samples. They always have lots of freebies. Certainly not a long-term solution, but it helps while waiting for apps to be approved.

Wishing this couple success!