For Type 1 and Type 2 how many have now or have had metal fillings or crowns in your mouth?

specifically gold colour or silver colour.

With chewing and hot liquids, microscopic amounts rub off over the years, especially with coffee, and I read that gold is inclined to get stuck in pancreatic beta cells which prompts the immune system to try and get rid of it which ends up destroying the cells and over time. So a relatively tame type of type 1 can end up becoming complete, in terms of amount of personal insulin production capability, verified via the c-peptide test, but it takes a long time.

I got type 1 diabetes within one year of a gold crown being put on one molar tooth when I was 23 years old. I trusted the dentist and we all know that using dental metals was generally accepted practice 30 years ago. Thank God for white composite now, but maybe we don't even know what that can do....

The metals are a mix of different metals. I've read 4 books on the subject years ago.

I recently asked two women who are type 2, and they found it curious, as their dentists had each suggested, either removing it or covering it over with white composite. Now since people generally don't look at the inside of your mouth, it makes me suspicious, as I know that the issue is better known among dentists to be a problem, than among their clients. You just don't hear about it as readily as the concept of a virus potentially being the cause of autoimmune diabetes. So, I say that has more to do with the inclination for dentists to protect their industry. The dentist who wrote the first book I read, had his license taken away because he was being so vocal about the risks. He moved to Mexico to open a clinic but still runs a US clinic as well. Thank God for Dr Hal Huggins. You can find holistic dentists, that also proves they understand more than we know. His book is "It's All in Your Head." My first clue came from a mid 1990's book written by Dr Hulda Clark. "The Cure for All Diseases"