Forced switch from Animas - LF discrete replacement option

Hi all. First time here in a looooooooong time. I came back to poke around on the topic of the end of Animas. I haven’t found exactly what I am looking for, so I thought I’d throw my questions up. I apologize in advance if they’ve been asked already. I should probably add that I am in Canada, where I can’t use my private insurance to replace the pump since the province funds replacements on their own schedule.

First, here’s my story. I chose the Animas pump over the Medtronic years ago as it was smaller (easier to hide) and waterproof. I haven’t been interested in CGM as another thing attached to me just isn’t my thing :slight_smile: I love the low profile clip on the Animas pump as I can clip it on my bra and not have to worry about tubing or the pump being exposed, which can be an issue in my place of employment.

I am wondering if the Medtronic or Tandem pumps have low profile options for clips. I see that the Tandem Slim has a case with a low profile clip, but adding the mass and dimensions of a case to the pump seems like it might make the pump’s smaller size irrelevant. If you use either, are there easy and effective ways to hide them away? This is very important to me going forward as I make my choice between pumps.

The Tandem pump is coming to Canada. I would assume they will work to time this to coincide with the early 2018 switch to Minimed from Animas for pumpers with warranties in place, but I can’t seem to find anything in the way of a date. Is there info about this timeline anywhere? I have written to the company but the holidays may have affected their response time :slight_smile:

When if comes to infusion sets, I have used the AccuCheck Tender 1 as I can insert it manually (those insertion devices scare me). I don’t see more than one manual option for the Tamdem pump. Are other infusion sets compatible?

Finally, I have always been impressed with the customer service Animas provided. Are either Minimed or Tandem comparable in this way?

Thanks so much for any tidbits you may be able to share. I will definitely appreciate hearing about the pumps from users as opposed to company reps

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Tandem stated that they would be applying for approval in Canada prior to the end of 2017. However I have heard nothing further so do not know if they made that date. They have also stated that in terms of international launch, Canada would be prioritized to be first. Tandem had hoped to be launching in Canada during 2018.

There would likely be an update on this topic from Tandem during the second week of March 2018 at the latest.

We have used customer service of both Animas and Tandem and like them both.

Thanks, Tim. That is what I saw as well. I’ve been told the switch over to Minimed will begin May 2018, so here’s hoping the launch happens in that time frame to make it easier to actually have a choice.
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The Tandem case adds a lot to bulk to the pump. One alternative is attaching a Nite ize Clip directly to the pump. I seem to alternative between using the case, using the Nite Ize Clip, and just keeping it in my pocket with no clip. Neither the case nor the clip are quite tight enough and I have had to add Velcro to add enough bulk and friction to keep the pump securely on my waistband. You’ll note at the end of the blogpost I indicated that the Animas clip was the best ever…

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