Animas users to use medtronic

have any of you animas users gotten the medtronic pump yet? ive been told various things on when they will start the switch over. i heard late spring, then early summer, then september. so has any of you?

I got a medtronic 630g about a month ago. I was using a Ping. I am in Ontario. So its started for me.

The rep offered to meet with me in May (now) but said she did not have dates yet. I’m doing the Omnipod free trial offer for Animas users instead…

I was very unhappy with a Medtronics pump once before. I will be switching over to Tandem even if it is out of pocket.


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I plan to run with my two Animas Ping pumps until I can get no more supplies. Officially, that will be end of September 2019 when Medtronics will no longer be selling them. Then I will see what the market has at that time. My inclination is to look at the T-slim.


i havent gotten mine yet. still waiting. i wrote on their facebook page so i hope they respond. so i guess they are doing canada first? im in the USA

i would do tandem but i have to wait until my warranty is over. which is in sept of next year. i dont feel like waiting till then as im having issues with the animas pump

I heard that Ypsomed in Canada has a luer lock infusion set called Orbit and from what I heard, it is a set that has a feature where the on skin connector rotates 360. They intend to keep this product available for years to come. I went to an Animas user meeting and I was told about this there.

Amy2, my understanding is that Medtronics is committed to supporting the Animas users until September 2019. Call their Technical Support (Customer Support) for help with your malfunctioning Animas pump. If I am in error, please correct me.

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my main issue is seeing the screen when i am out and about. the sun is so bright that i cant bolus if i cant see the screen so i wait until i can see it. i had a few problems that has been fixed and im not sure what will come up next.


I also have issues seeing screens in daylight, even if shaded by my body. I have had extensive laser treatments in the '80s. Also most diabetics have some autonomic neuropathy that affects the ability of the iris to adapt to light. The Tslim screen is very difficult for me to see, and the sub-menus are impossible to see outside, and difficult inside!

I traded my Vibe (hard to see outdoors at times) in for the Medtronic 630G and have no trouble seeing it outdoors. With the added features in bolus and temp rate I am extremely happy with the pump. Some people complain about the number of button pushes, but for me it is not bothersome. And as for the size, well as a guy I have no problem fitting it on my belt, but if I wanted I can put it under my clothes and use the remote bolus/meter.

Note, I am still using the Dexcom 5 with the pump.

Mike (T1D since 1964)

thats good to know that with the 630G i wont have any issues with seeing it outside. its frustrating that i have to wait until i can see before giving myself insulin. the buttons wont bother me. im a bit OCD so it will be fine. glad to know that your happy with it and can see the screen. now only if medtronic will get me updated

I just had mine exchanged for that same reason.

when did you get your medtronic? im still waiting to be able to get the switch

I’m sorry. I exchanged my Animas for another one because of screen issues. I will not make the switch till I absolutely have too.

aaaahh ok :slight_smile:

I’m working on getting the Medtronic 670G, but still negotiating to get it before my warranty on Animas runs out. I could get it now and pay out of pocket, but don’t want to.

i found out that animas users whether its the 630G or the 670G pays the $1299 fee. which disappoints me. so i was told one thing then i was told another. so whats the point of having animas users come on over if they have to pay that much. the CGM would go through my ins as its not part of the deal. so now im getting a wee bit upset.
has anyone else had to do this? my warranty with animas ends next year in sept. but i want to switch now and they originally had it on their site that its easy to switch over but again i was told the info above. what did others do?

Isn’t the 630 a completely free deal? You only pay if you want the 670 I think.

I am using the 630G and have not been charged to convert from Animas. I do not use CGM.

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