Foreign language

I have to admit that as a student of foreign languages both in college and HS, I failed. Since I needed it for graduation and certification, they allowed me a "sliding scale" grade and I got it....IF I promised never to take another foreign language. Then along came diabetes, and I find myself in a different world, mostly not able to understand the here a place on tudiabetes that gives the definitions of words like bolus, basal, and words that are used on the site so I can understand better what people are talking about? Then why can't people just use words like "before meals"; "after meals" "night time dosing" so that all of us, including newbies to diabetes, our families (who are usually support people) can understand what we are talking about? Thanks so much. And if there isn't a glossary of terms, can someone share commonly used terms so I can understand what I should have already known? Thanks again

Thanks my friend. Now to copy it off and learn from the beginning. GEEZSH isn't it enough that I have to figure Carbs, insulin, eating schedules and meals.....why make me learn a foreign language? But thanks this will really help