Need Jargon Explained!

Could someone produce an 'Introduction To Jargon for the 'Home Page'? Two weeks here and new terms are popping up in so many postings! It's so frustrating. Please TuB Team do it. Thank You.

Is there particular jargon that we can figure out? I agree there's quite a bit of it floating around. I think that if you ask about a specific term or 10 terms or whatever, someone will answer pretty quickly?

Thanks my friend. I appreciate your posts!
Personally we cannot have telephone line, and poor cell phone signal so Internet is hard to get and we have to drive many kiloms, to use our lap top! I don't have the time (Literally) to ask folks what they mean? I just think the site would be well served to have a glossary of common jargon. I just read someone talking about Gd & a bolo, pump,??
Happy New year from Spain.

bolus= a "shot" with a pump, to cover a meal or correct a high blood sugar. I am not sure if injectors consider a "shot" a bolus as only started hanging out online when I got my pump but the "theory" of using the insulin is the same however one shoots it.

GD is a stumper though, I am not sure about that, I googled "diabetes abbreviations" and found links maybe Gestational Diabetes? I usually refer to that as Type G but GD is not unheard of?

GD = Gestational Diabetes. Yes, we injectors do both a basal insulin typically Lantus or Levemir, some still using NPH. We bolus for meals with fast acting and correcting.

Look at the left side of the tuD homepage. there is a link labeled New to Diabetes? There is a link to a Glossary which might help. Other links here might also help.

I can't speak for muleman but I wonder if he means the acronyms people use. The glossary that Badmoon sent him to does not include the egregious acronyms that also drive me crazy sometimes. And I can't think of any right now even though there are many. I think that people make up the acronyms to save typing and expect everyone to recognize what they mean.
When I have time I will try to go through TUD (see what I mean) and make a list.

Thanks m8 that is real help full.