Forgive me my dear cousin! سامحني يا ابن عمي

Yesterday we invited my cousin and his wife for dinner in a nice place celebrating Eid Al Adha. He is 40y, very tall, and gained lots of weight lately, having a hectic schedule stressful job, come late at night and have his main meal around eleven pm. His father developed diabetes in his late sixities, though thin all his life, doing well on diet only. His mother developed diabetes in her early sixities, thin all her life, she is on insulin. With this history I wanted to bring the subject after dinner so not to ruin his appetite especially it is us who invited him.

Over coffee I told him, Aymen; do you check your blood glucose every now and then? He said it is normal, 120mg/random.
I said if it is 100mg fasting consider your self diabetic and do something about it.
He said it was 300mg in the summer; his doctor gave him a tablet once a day and told him :if you normalise your blood glucose, you can stop it in three months!!

I was shocked but my husband,a professor pulmonologist took over (I am a paediatrician) and gently tried to convince him to find a good doctor and to take care of himself.
My cousin’s wife got worried; he worried because he has to start looking after himself well.
I think they will never accept our invitation to dinner any more.
Forgive me dear cousin, I do care about you.

سامحني يا ابن عمي أردت ان أخبرك عن الحقائق عن السكري حتى تعتني جيدا بنفسك

Actually I wish to meet you and your lovely family,when I want to pray I will find your moslem husband to lend me his rug,and when I want to talk diabetes I may talk to your son,and when I want to talk about God,all of you will talk to me about him.You are so nice Renee.