Forgot my meter! Ooops!

Today I rushed out of the door to run some errands and forgot my meter. Normally, I would have drove back to get it but, I figured I could guess at what my bg’s were since I have a CGM. So, do you think I was being reckless on my part to do that? What would YOU have done in that situation???

Drove back home, I have tried guessing when I have left mine at home, and I have been at both ends, high and low…
But one time won’t kill you, so don’t sweat it:)

And if you eat about the same carbs each meal, it might not be off to much. Our bodies are really a guessing game, we know that, right?

I didn’t miss my mark too bad…I was at 154 when I checked it later when I got home.

I’ve done that a couple of times since I had the CGM and just used the CGM number, not guaranteed but it worked out ok. I think I got home and was relieved that the meter and CGM were pretty close?

Acidrock, having the CGM is one reason I didn’t freak out and run back home. I figured the CGM would be close enough to get me through until I got back home.

Yeah, I was that way but I think I was having a good CGM day to begin with, minimal DP, smooth sailing out the door and got to work and went “%#^!, I forgot my meter” but just rolled with it and was really conservative with food/boluses?

Been there done that …and then for a while" it" ( the happening ) works as reminder till next time …such is LIFE :slight_smile:

I was only 45 minutes away but, if I was a long ways from home I would have gone somewhere to buy another meter.

My Diabetic Educator, who is T1 on pump,CGM, said to me the other day she will not do finger sticks “all the time” as she “trusts the trend” (not absolute numbers) of her CGM. So to bolus, she does not enter blood sugar number but will bolus based on carbs only. I have been trying that, results pretty good for me most of the time (if carb count accurate). All that is missing with the bolus is the pumps correction - so I would not have worried to spend a day without a meter if CGM doing ok; however, I would not make it a habit as CGM does have tendency to go crazy with no warning at times! I would probably be more concerned if not on CGM to not have meter for the day.

As a matter of fact I left the receiver at home today and my children called me to make sure that I had not forgotten my meter. I make sure that I have a spare meter in my car just in case I forget my meter at home. Both of my children also carry an extra meter for me just in case. Can we just say in my case my glucose levels are not stable so it is better to be safe than sorry.

I would have several spare meters, 1 at home, one in your handbag (or purse, wherever you live!), 1 in the car and 1 at work or at your parents house. I have often gone out without a meter but know that where I am going, there is always one available nearby.

Or, invest in a diabetic handbag (purse). I have just come home to the UK from San Francisco and was fortunate enough that my sister paid for an Adorn Handbag - I have the bigger one so that I can carry water and snacks in one bag. It is excellent. It has a section in one side for all your diabetes kits which is even better because it is inside another wallet so if you want to swap handbags you simply take the wallet out and pop it into the next handbag!

I forgot mine once and was anxious all day – and high when I got home.

Next time I think I’ll turn around and go back to get it. I’m sure the stress wasn’t good for me.

(But I don’t have CGM so it was kinda risky for me.)

I guess it depends on how long I would be gone… it’s it’s only an hour or two, I usually wouldn’t go back for it. If I will be out longer than that, or I’ve been having lows, I’ll absolutely go back for it.

I keep a back up meter in my car. If it was too cold for it to work, I would have driven back home and retreived it. Last week I ran out of the hosue with only 2 strips in the bottle for a Superbowl party with lots of food and beer. I test at least every hour of I am drinking. My awesome husband ran down the street to CVS and got a True to Go meter for $9.99 with a $9.99 rebate and it has ten strips in the box. Perfect fix, and will ultimately be free. And it is very accurate and consistent to my One Touch readings in the past.

Amazing to me that I spent most of my diabetic life with no meter, now I have major anxiety attacks when I don’t have my meter.

I think in the dark ages of diabetes I ran high most of the time, pretty sure in the 200’s.

I know the feeling! I was suffering from diabetes some 10 years before I was finally diagnosed, and in retrospect now know that I had many DKAs! God must have loved me and had a plan for me!

Since diagnosis I have nearly died twice of it!!! The symptoms were the same as before!