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Just a question why is the forum title never defined as type 1, the header says forum or T2 and there is a separate catagory for T’2.
I assume matybe T2’s are not worthy of being included in the forum on diabetes.
Just noticed that and wondered. T2 here, yep I am a diabetic defined as elevated blood glucose.
My assumption that discussions vary based on whether you are insulin dependent or not, but not as how you were diagnosed. Plus there are all the other definition of diabetics.

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I’ve no idea what you are talking about, Tom., You have posted in “Type 1 and LADA” forum, and there is a “Type 2” forum as well. What seems to be missing?

Also, at the top, right side of the webpage is a link to Type 2, but why it’s listed there as well as under the full list of forum sections is beyond me.

Seems there is little acknowledgement that T2s can be insulin dependent too. Though my endocrinologist considers me a T2 because I have insulin resistance, I am also insulin dependent because my pancreas produces little insulin (c-peptide = 0.01).

Not a big deal, though I call myself a T1 whenever I take a Diabetes related survey. I also check both the T1 and T2 Forums to cover both bases.

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@T2Tom, @Don1942 Lets face it, we are in the minority, while 90 to 95% of diabetics are Type 2 the vast majority of those do not use insulin, 14% of T2s use insulin. I could not find statistics for how many use basal only versus basal/bolus but my suspicion is that T2s like me that do basal/bolus insulin is a fairly small percentage.

TuDiabetes strives to be a resource for diabetics of all types but there is no overlooking the fact that a large number of our members are Type 1. While this is so I find that the commonalities of our diseases erases type casting, some of the best advice I have seen given is often given across type labels.


I just did see that the other day from what appeared to be a reasonably reputable source. Let’s see if I can find it again…

EDIT: The numbers I had looked at were in the ballpark of what is being discussed but not exactly. As @Stemwinder_Gary mentions, there a big difference between using basal only vs using combination of basal and bolus. The numbers I found were from the CDC and only report on usage of insulin so no difference is made between somebody who might have a single injection per day of Basal vs somebody who has both the basal and the bolus.

So not quite what was being looked for but perhaps interesting anyway?

CDC. Self reported. A bit dated from 2011. Adults 18+ years of age. Attempted to exclude gestational diabetes. Obviously people unaware they have diabetes would not have answered. CDC estimates 25% of people with diabetes are unaware and have not yet been diagnosed. Data does not break down Type 1 vs Type 2. CDC elsewhere estimates that Type 2 Diabetes accounts for 90% to 95% of all diabetes cases.

According to the CDC and with all the caveats from above and more as published on their page for Adults (18+) in 2011 as self-reported (excluding gestational and undiagnosed):

50.3% use Oral medication only
17.8% use Insulin only
13.0% use combination of Oral medication and Insulin

EDIT2: I found a number from Tandem Diabetes which they say is derived from CDC numbers. No idea what goes into it. However this might be the gist of the question:

Approximately 1.7 million people live with type 1 diabetes in the United States.
Approximately 1.6 million people who live with type 2 diabetes are candidates for pump therapy.


Here are some recent estimates of diabetes numbers in Canada (courtesy Diabetes in Canada)

  • Diabetes (T1D & T2D diagnosed): 3.36 Million (9% of pop)

  • Diabetes (T1D): 5-10% of diabetes prevalence

  • Diabetes (T1D + T2D diagnosed + T2D undiagnosed) 10.76 Million (28% of pop)

  • Increase in diabetes (T1 & T2 diagnosed) 2018-2028: 32%

  • Direct cost to the health-care system: $3.6 Billion

Hi @T2Tom I think I understand your question. Looking at the upper right hand menu it displays (without the | [vertical bars]):

Resources | Forum | Type 2 | Espanol

You’re asking why Type 2s are out there on their own in the menu and you’re assuming Type 1s are the only ones included in the Forum, that “T2’s are not worthy of” because it appears they are signaled out.

I think Forum is a generic term, inclusive of everyone, while Type 2 was identified in the menu to help steer those who are Type 2 to a location where they may find the help they are looking for, instead of having to wade through all of the discussions. When I select Forum from the upper right hand menu it opens up discussions from all of the various communities here at TuDiabetes, including the Type 2 community. I’m sure the developers meant for it to be helpful to the Type 2 community and not meant to single them out in a negative way at all.

That said, I do see your point. Perhaps the admins could change the upper right hand menu to something like:

Suggestion 1
Resources | All Forums | Type 1 | Type 2 | Espanol

Suggestion 2
Resources | All Forums | Espanol

Edited to add: I want to suggest the moderators/admins (@Mila, @Stemwinder_Gary, @Lorraine, @MarieB, @Pastelpainter, @DrBB) to move this topic to another category, one suitable for forum questions, but when I looked, there isn’t one. The only one remotely suitable is TuDiabetes Website, but this is the forum, not the website, so, perhaps a category can be added for questions/suggestions such as this?

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It would not be a shocker to find out that the TUD forum admins/mods do not have control over this and that it is the Beyond Type 1 people who control that.

If the TUD forum admins/mods do control this then the suggestions make a whole lot more sense then the current menu and are a great idea.

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Family required break, unfortunately.
So the reason for the initial post.
My question is, As I am well controlled T2 I have noticed that posting in any fortrum gets the mojoriy of responses from T1’s
Questiion, would the responses on T2 questions be more valid from a well controlled T2 or a well controlled T1?

Not disputing T1’s are a much better resorted for insulin dependent T2’s

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Tom - that’s the million dollar question isn’t it? A little bit like is advice from an unmarried marriage councillor less valid than from one who’s married?

Maybe, but a married and unmarried marriage conselor I assume is required to have some training and knowledge of the topic.

I believe that most online (unless stated otherwise ) are speaking from their own experiences or their research.
Is a non insulin dependent T2 good information about insulin issues?
Since low Carb/Keto WOE is becoming more popular with T2 and the general population I have noticed that the research on the general population use of low carb, just does not apply to a T2. Because they are not dealing with diabetic issues.
Is a Keto diet different for those who make insulin and those who don’t or those who are insulin resistant?

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Absolutely it is. I’ve found as a non-IR T1D on a pump, I have far more control over how much insulin I pour into my body. Insulin does, after all, puts the brakes on ketogenesis.

Yes I believe they would, but how do we entice T2 members to speak up, they are out there just not in the numbers that T1 members are.

Another question is are they actually speaking up but are not being recognized as T2. As you can see I identify myself as T2 but most do not. To do so requires that one complete the profile section, once your profile is completed you can chose T2 as your title if you chose T2 in your profile.

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I am T2 not on insulin and I think questions about insulin use are not for me to answer. I have no experience at all on this subject and as insulin is a serious drug I prefer to keep quiet.

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I am not an expert on Keto, but for some one who produces insulin (most T2’s) I believe the risk of Ketogenisis is low for those who try to follow a Keto WOE as that is controllable.
The Keto WOE is really a super controlled low carb diet. Check out some of the information.

It would help if the diabetes community would respect those who are T2.
Unfortunately from experience, even though I am well control A1c under 6, I have been told, I don’t understand diabetes, That I am fat and Lazy, I am neither, and that I am searching for the next great pill to solve my issues. I am not and when someone says they are doing diet and exercise only, that is what is means, no pills, nothing fancy just dealing with the what my body handles.

I meant to mention you need to add a forum for diet and exercise onlly pleast

I find it odd that the Type 2 link is interpreted as a sign of exclusion of T2s. You could also argue the opposite, namely that the absence of a Type 1 link is exclusion of T1s. So I wouldn’t view this as inclusion or exclusion of anyone. In addition, everyone is included in the Forum link because, well, has any of you actually clicked the Type 2 link? It does not refer to any forum. You’ll end up at this page: Not a very helpful page, in my opinion.


Tom - some basics of the Ketogenic lifestyle.

First and foremost, the goal is to put yourself into ketogenesis:

Ketogenesis is the biochemical process by which organisms produce a group of substances collectively known as ketone bodies by the breakdown of fatty acids and ketogenic amino acids.

Being in ketosis does not mean you’re close to or in danger of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA):

The difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis is the level of ketones in the blood. Ketosis is a physiological adaptation to a low carbohydrate environment like fasting or a ketogenic diet. There are situations (such as treatment-resistant epilepsy where ketosis can be beneficial to health. Ketoacidosis is an acute life-threatening state requiring prompt medical intervention; its most common form is diabetic ketoacidosis where both glucose and ketone levels are significantly elevated.

Thanks but I understand all that, I just dont assume I can translate my knowledge to someone who does not produce insulin.
I can be amazing how much T2’s do understand.
Before I started the quote Keto diet and bought a Keto meter and checked.
With my low carb WOE and active life style I was already in Nutritional Ketosis.