Found a Diabetic Dating Site!

Just found a diabetic dating site for those who have expressed interest in the past. It’s called

I found this the other day but it was a dead link.

I found another one called DiabeticDate. I joined but the site was so slow I got frustrated searching that day so I will have to go back and see what it is.

I’m curious as to know why there is a specific need for a diabetics…single site?
What makes diabetes a special category in the dating area?
I can understand Christian singles and such…but…diabetic singles? just wondering hehehe! Maybe someone can explain?
I think we can pretty much match with everyone, there are no needs ( to my opinion) to put us in a different category.
Also…i’m not too sure i’d match with another diabetic! double the whining…double the lows haha…

  • Dear i think i’m low…
  • Me too…
    I cannot help you, you cannot help me , let’s collapse together :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is because not that diabetics themselves really care if they date one or that they might be more matched with one but it is easier because the people they date don’t understand or they are scared to date someone who might be “sick”. It is more most people don’t understand the disease and will avoid people that have it or won’t want to date someone that did because of the restaints and complexities of it. Sad but true.

Never had a problem with finding men because of it. You must have been very unlucky…
Fact is, worse than this happen to human beings: we will all die! I wonder what kind of man refuses to date a woman who might get sick, when in fact it’s 100 sure she’s gonna die!
Silly world…i tell you.

Well, I am new diabetic (only two months) so I am just going by the stories I have read on here or other D sites that for some the other person has problems with it. Many people have lost relationships or had new ones end because the other person admitted they didn’t want to date someone who had D. So it hasn’t really happened to me yet but I was living with someone when I was diagnosed and it feel apart - they were not supportive for me and not it was too stressful so I had to get out.

I guess it not that people have a hard time finding others because of it but maybe keeping them once they find out. True it should not matter but in reality some people are freaked out about any serious illness and are just afraid to deal with it.

For me, I don’t really care, it is more important for me that the person be a vegetarian since I have been one for a looong time but than there is another problem there too is that being a veg is associated with being really healthy and having D is not. So I am hoping I don’t have any problems down the road but I am thinking I will. The trick is to find someone who is strong enough to deal with it. And don’t think it has much to do with dying itself but the day to day complication of someone being “sick” - like “sick” people have too many problems and can’t enjoy life. Not that I think that but that seems to be the uneducated public view.

Yep it is definately stupid.

I’d say not to bring diabetes on a romantic date. Just wait and see IF things get serious, and bring it yourself with no drama involved. If you announce it like you announce someone that you have cancer, then of course…the silence will reign and he’ll never see you again. A bit of smile and detachment will make it way easier to swallow. But then again, the kind of man that just wants to have fun and sex, will probably go away. I wish you meet a decent man, give it time.

I have to agree with Chantale, as well just double the does of what I go through in a given day , or week, would be … I dont know . I guess something I would have to consider. I think for the most part , that if you meet someone that is compassionate and caring they shoud be able to relate , and accept to what it is that we have… Although upon meeting a cute girl that is a Diabetic, I’m not discounting her as a result…

that really nice since you can make friends and see whos around you


Or another perspective:
-Dear let´s make love!
-Oh yeah. but first let’s have some snacks to prevent hipos.
-All right! Who eats the most quantity of this sandwich?
-Maybe you. The last time, I was on top and now I just feel to relax.You go now on top and make the whole action.
.No way Jose.If I eat the most I’ll gain weight and if you reach the climax before me I’ll have to go Jogging to compensate the sandwich. What if you have an hipo while I’m still in action and I can´t stop?
-I’ll colapse and you’ll be making love to a Sex Doll
-Huuummm. That might be interesting! Can you disguise yourself as a female Avatar with the blue skin and stuff?
-) and so on and so on…
(II might try writting the text to a diabetic stand up comedy play)

I don’t know…a diabetic dating site makes more sense to me than a Christian one…at least diabetes is a real problem and not a made up fairy tale

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Besides. if both of us go blind, who’s gonna do the dishes?

I think there are pros and cons to everything.

when i first got diabetes i thought “no way would i want to date another diabetic, double the trouble” but now 26 years later and im older i think it may be nice. my life is different now. back then i was looking at someone who would be raising a family with me etc…(i never did get married so that never happened) now that im older and kids are out of the question, companionship is more important to me and diabetes would be a commonality. we would be great support for each other.

i dated one diabetic since ive had it and there were pros and cons as you can imagine. sometimes each of us were less compliant than the other which was a real pain sometimes but overall it was good and id do it again cause he was very supportive also.

as far as you who think people SHOULD be caring and supportive etc, im guessing you are most likely not having any diabetic complications yet! i have some severe ones and its not from a lack of taking care of myself and trust me… men dont stick around for a sick chick! I have had such a hard time. I think they all seem to be well intended but when reality hits its to overwhelming and they cant handle it. I know there is someone special out there for me… maybe hes diabetic, maybe hes not!?!

Seems like having someone who shares the Big D might be a good idea. Why not? If you are single and lonely don’t you reach out to others like you? Just saying?

Couldn’t you give each other support in dealing w/the diabetes and complying? And exercising? and traveling w/D? - its supposed to come soon.....

hi renka....i absolutely agree with u.....i am an Indian n its the same scene here...diabetics don't want diabetic partner for future generations sake....they keep on looking for non-diabetics to marry but fail....ultimately its too late...anyways i got married with a non-diabetic few years back but the results were disastrous...she just cudn't handle it and asked for Divorce.....we r separting now...and its rather more painful going thru such a phase in life....

I'm coming into this almost 1 1/2 half years later, but I'm a type 1. There is no way I can really keep my diabetes a secret with all the testing, insulin doses and just the risk that I might go low. I've never had a guy get scared off by it though.

That just seems really odd to me. Maybe it's demographics. I tend to live in big cities where folks are around a wealth of different people including those who have medical conditions whether they're chronic, like diabetes, or terminal, like AIDS. People go with the flow. I think disclosure is better than not. Plus, it can be grossly misinterpreted if I don't disclose it. I wear a pump now, but that's been mistaken for a beeper but I also still carry syringes. Those without context can look sort of bad.

this made me laugh so hard.
and seriously doubt my entire reasoning for searching "single diabetics"

What a great post "I'm curious as to know why there is a specific need for a diabetics single site? . . . "
I agree with you totally.